First Ryanair Buzz Livery Spotted – On A Boeing 737 MAX!

The first aircraft in Ryanair’s new Buzz livery has been spotted in Seattle. The aircraft wearing the design is a Boeing 737 MAX, affectionately known as the Boeing 737-8200 by Ryanair. It will join Ryanair’s Polish subsidiary when the MAX grounding is lifted.

Ryanair, Buzz, Boeing 737 MAX
Ryanair’s new Buzz livery has been spotted… on a Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Boeing

Earlier this year, Ryanair announced that it would rebrand its Polish subsidiary. This sees the airline changing its name from Ryanair Sun to Buzz, accompanied by a questionable new livery. As no existing Boeing 737s have been repainted in the new livery, it seems as though we will have to wait for the Boeing 737 MAX’s delivery for the livery to take to the skies.

Ryanair and the MAX

Ryanair has a big order for the Boeing 737 MAX. In fact, according to Boeing’s latest order book, this 135 aircraft order accounts for almost 3% of total unfulfilled orders for the aircraft type.

This has left Ryanair with a big problem, as they will be short of 10-20 aircraft over the summer period in 2020. This has led to the airline cutting its expansion plans, in addition to announcing base closures. Ryanair has also said that it won’t tell passengers if they’re flying on a Boeing 737 MAX, having been spotted rebranding the type as the Boeing 737-8200.

Ryanair, Buzz, Boeing 737 MAX
What the livery looks like (Picture: Boeing 737-800). Photo: Ryanair

This is a type which, due to its larger than usual capacity, is still to receive its certification from the Federal Aviation Authority. The Air Current in November reported that the 200 capacity variant of the aircraft produced just for Ryanair had into design issues, separate to the aircraft’s general MCAS related grounding.

Boeing 737 MAX headed to Buzz

We now know that some of Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be heading to Buzz according to the airline’s chief pilot on LinkedIn. He shared an image of the aircraft with split wingtips and the iconic nacelles of the 737 MAX engine.

In the comments of the post, he confirmed that the existing Boeing 737 aircraft in the Ryanair paint scheme would not be repainted into the Buzz paint scheme. This is likely a cost-saving exercise and could mean that other Ryanair group liveries, such as the red of Malta Air, are only seen on the Boeing 737 MAX too.

It’s unclear when the first Boeing 737 MAX will be delivered to Buzz. However, one thing is almost certain. Ryanair looks to be trying to keep the focus off of the MAX. The airline seems to have renamed the aircraft to the Boeing 737-8200. Something backed up by Buzz’s chief pilot in the comments of the earlier mentioned LinkedIn post.

Would you fly on the Boeing 737 MAX? What do you think of the Buzz paint scheme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!