First Boeing 737 MAX For Ryanair’s Buzz Arrives In Dublin

Ryanair has taken delivery of another Boeing 737 MAX jet. However, this delivery stands out from most of the others as a special one. It is the first aircraft to be delivered to the low-cost carrier in the bold yellow and grey Buzz livery of the airline’s Polish subsidiary.

Ryanair, Buzz, Boeing 737 MAX
Ryanair has taken delivery of the first Boeing 737 MAX in Buzz colors. (Exact aircraft not pictured) Photo: Preston Fiedler

The Boeing 737 MAX’s return is now well underway. While the program was at an absolute standstill this time last year, Boeing has taken over 500 orders for members of the family so far this year. The American aerospace giant has also been making good progress with its aircraft deliveries.

Buzz’s first liveried aircraft

It’s been a couple of years since Ryanair announced that it was rebranding its Polish subsidiary from Ryanair Sun to Buzz. However, like another subsidiary, Malta Air, none of the airline’s aircraft were repainted into the buzz livery. It was simply not needed and only added costs for the airline.

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With the airline now taking delivery of new aircraft, the cost of applying a new livery isn’t an issue. After all, new aircraft have to be painted before delivery, so it doesn’t matter what ends up on the side of the aircraft.

Ryanair, Buzz, Boeing 737 MAX
The aircraft was delivered from Boeing Field in Seattle to Dublin in Ireland. Photo:

As such, Buzz today took delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, but also its first liveried aircraft. The jet, SP-RZE, departed from Seattle’s Boeing Field (BFI) in the mid of night at 03:20 this morning, according to data from According to data from, SP-RZE is just 0.12 years old. It took its first flight back on July 22nd. Having flown over The US, Canada, Greenland, and Iceland, the aircraft touched down at Ryanair’s home in Dublin at 20:16 after almost nine hours in the air.

Expanding the Ryanair fleet

Ryanair was supposed to take delivery of its first ‘game-changing’ Boeing 737 MAX jet in April 2019. Due to the type’s grounding, this couldn’t take place, and the first aircraft was actually delivered in June of this year. The airline took delivery of two jets in June, and accounted for 1/3 of all Boeing deliveries in July. However, things have slowed slightly in August with just 1 jet being delivered according to data from

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Liveries
Ryanair has now taken at least one of each of its 737 MAX liveries. Photo: Ryanair

August was Ryanair’s busiest month since before the pandemic in December 2019, so all hands will have likely been on deck keeping existing aircraft in a flightworthy condition. By contrast, over the winter we should see deliveries pick up once more as the winter months are typically a low season for Ryanair, and indeed many European airlines. The airline hopes to have 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft next summer, meaning many more deliveries will surely be on the way.

Are you excited to see the delivery of Buzz’s first Boeing 737 MAX? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!