Ryanair Rebrands Sun Subsidiary Airline To ‘Buzz’ – The Livery Is A Treat For The Eyes

Irish based low cost carrier Ryanair have announced today that they will rebrand their Ryanair Sun arm of the business as Buzz. With rebranding scheduled for autumn 2019, the Polish subsidiary is looking to grow its current fleet from 17 to 25 aircraft by the time Buzz is launched.

Buzz Plane
The new branding will launch in the autumn. Photo: Ryanair

Up until now, Ryanair Sun has been indistinguishable from the main Ryanair fleet. Liveried identically to their counterparts, customers would never know they were flying with a different airline. However, all that is set to change.

What can we say about the Ryanair Buzz livery? It’s certainly eye catching, and that bee on the tail fin is going to stand out a mile at the airport.

Buzz Interior
Apart from the grey seats, the interior looks oddly familiar. Photo: Ryanair

Inside is equally unusual, with a grey seat material offset by a pop of yellow. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of flying Ryanair, you’ll know they do like a bit of yellow here and there.

Ryanair Sky interior
Ryanair like a touch of yellow. Photo: Ryanair
Ryanair cabin crew
The crew get the canary treatment too. Photo: Ryanair

Chairman of the Buzz Supervisory Board, Juliusz Komorek, commented:

“We are excited to launch Buzz today, and to see our newly branded aircraft appear in Poland this autumn. Over the last 15 years, Ryanair has grown to become Poland’s biggest airline, thanks to the unbeatable combination of the lowest fares, best customer service and largest route network – and we now expect that Buzz will be Poland’s No.1 airline.”

The Ryanair Holdings Group have four airlines under their umbrella in total: Ryanair UK, Ryanair DAC, Laudamotion and Ryanair Sun / Buzz.

Who are Buzz?

Having been granted a Polish AOC at the beginning of 2018, Ryanair Sun have been in service since last summer. Working mainly for Polish tour operators, they began with a fleet of just five aircraft, which has now grown to a total of 17.

Buzz logo

Ryanair say that they plan to add more aircraft to the fleet soon, aiming for a 25 by the summer this year. The rebranding will go ahead in the autumn, at which time Buzz will launch its own website and app.

The airline has come under fire in recent times for making staff redundant and then re-employing them as self-employed contractors. This removes many of their rights, but also enables Ryanair to offer flights even cheaper through Ryanair Sun / Buzz.

Is Buzz really a new airline?

If you’re a long standing avgeek like me, the name Buzz will already be ringing bells for you. That’s because it’s actually not a new name.

Buzz was a British LCC operating services around Europe from 2000 until 2004. Originally launched as a low cost arm of Dutch carrier KLM, they were actually quite successful, attracting high yield business travelers with their London to Frankfurt and Dusseldorf routes.

Buzz BAe 146-300 Jonsson
In 2003, they were sold by KLM to Ryanair for somewhere in the region of €20m. But, just 18 months later, Ryanair decided to close Buzz, taking their Stanstead slots for their own airline.

Now it appears Ryanair are reviving the Buzz branding, although the livery is definitely different.

What do you think of the new Buzz airline? Will you fly it, or would that branding give you a headache?