Ryanair Could Be Considering A Large Airbus A320 Order For Lauda

Some reports in German media suggest that Ryanair could be about to place an order for 100 Airbus A320neos. The aircraft would reportedly go to subsidiary Lauda (formerly Laudamotion) which already operates the Airbus A320 family.

Lauda, Ryanair, Airbus A320, Order
Some sources suggest that Lauda is in talks with Airbus over as many as 100 aircraft. Photo: Lauda

Some German media suggest that Ryanair has an interest in as many as 100 Airbus A320 family aircraft. If the rumor did pan out, that would put total orders by the airline group at 235 as the airline also has 135 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order, in addition to 100 options for the grounded aircraft. However, the story isn’t as simple as it seems, as other publications quote Ryanair as denying the claim.

What is being said?

The story regarding a possible Airbus order appears to originate at German publication Wirtschafts Woche. Ryanair insiders reportedly told the publication that there is a plan to expand Lauda’s fleet with up to 100 aircraft. WW adds that a Lauda spokesperson said: “We are currently in talks with Airbus for further fleet expansion”.


However, it doesn’t seem to be as clear-cut as that. A number of other German publications quoted Ryanair as denying the report. They state that a spokesperson for the Irish low-cost airline said the claims were “absolutely wrong”. Simple Flying has contacted Ryanair directly for comment.

Lauda, Ryanair, Airbus A320, Order
It seems that Lauda has confirmed talks are happening, while Ryanair has denied this. Photo: Lauda

Lauda’s Airbus history

Laudamotion was launched by Nikki Lauda with Airbus aircraft in 2018. At this point in time, Ryanair had only announced that it would purchase 24.9% of the airline. This rose to 75% in August of 2018 following receipt of approval. The low-cost airline giant then upped its stake to 100% in December of 2018.

As a result, the airline has always operated with its fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft, despite the rest of the Ryanair group operating 737 aircraft. This is not the first time that rumors of an Airbus order for Lauda have surfaced. In fact, in March 2019 Simple Flying reported that an order for 100 A320 aircraft was on the table.


German language publication Kleine Zeitung states that Airbus was not happy giving the discounts that Ryanair was expecting. It states Michael O’Leary wanted 50% off of the list price. However, O’Leary is quoted as saying that Airbus had no space for orders for years.

Ryanair, easyjet, Peter Bellew
O’Leary reportedly said the wait times for the Airbus A320 were too long. Photo: Getty Images

The news comes at a time when Ryanair is having its own order problems with Boeing. The airline has placed an order for 135 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with a further 100 options. However, while the delivery of the first aircraft was due in April last year, Boeing doesn’t expect the MAX to be recertified before mid-2020.

As a result, the Irish airline giant has been forced to cut its expansion plans, and close some bases. One Boeing 737 MAX due to go to the group has been spotted in the livery of Polish subsidiary Buzz.

Do you think Lauda will order more Airbus A320s, or should they switch to the Boeing 737 like the rest of the Ryanair group? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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They want Airbus to give Boeing level discounts but why should they? Their aircraft are worth twice as much as 737 MAX. RyanAir is so embarrassed by the MAX they want to change the name and not tell passengers what type of aircraft they are booking.


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Have to agree with Airbus on this one. Why give discounts when you don’t need to? Regardless of the customer and size of an immediate order and potential orders! With Boeing currently hobbled by its own government, Airbus is in the ultimate “sellers makjet”. WIth the addition of another A32x production line in Toulouse when the A380 is wound down, Airbus will have the capacity to improve delivery times while Boeing is probably still grounded by its government. One thing about the EU is that they know businesses create jobs. And, they will protect their businesses and the jobs they… Read more »


A certain amount of diversification is wise to reduce business risk. MAX/MCAS and NG/pickle fork

Andrew Heenan

Ryanair is stuck between the rock of the MAX problems and the hard place of the Airbus waiting list. Hard to see an easy way out. No way will airbus let them jump the line AND get a substantial discount – though I’m sure they’d consider one or the other for a chance at being first choice for a 600-plane customer. With the inevitable order cancellations, conversions, section 11s and postponements, I’m sure Airbus *could* squeeze in some of that 100 quite quickly; and if the new production line in North America goes ahead, that’ll be much easier. And, of… Read more »


I agree to some extent that to get even a “toe in the door”, Airbus could offer either a small discount or earlier delivery to Ryanair. But, only if the planes were to be flown by Ryanair itself and not Lauda. Competitive Customer Acquisition is the key here. I’m sure Airbus would be more than willing to jump through hoops for a serious new customer. Like a Southwest, a Ryanair, or an Alaska. (The Airbus aircraft currently in the Alaska fleet are all ex-Virgin America.) When I was in business, the axiom was, “If your competitor is down because of… Read more »


Airbus should demand Ryanair fly A320s in FR colors to get any special treatment.

Then they should dangle special treatment for other loyal Boeing airlines like Southwest and ANA. Imagine the embarrassment when the most loyal Boeing operator starts flying A320s?

Michael Tanzer

‘kleine zeitung’ is an Austrian newspaper…not German in any way

Oh yes, Austria is, in fact, a country

Guys.. for those who can count.. it’s not 1939 anymore