Ryanair Demands £25 For Autistic Boy’s Doll Smaller Than Watermelon

Ryanair has been blasted online after demanding a carer pay to take a autistic boy’s comfort doll on board. The doll, which was smaller than a watermelon, was deemed to be outside of the child’s baggage allowance on April 27th.

Ryanair Doll Autism
Ryanair is reported to have demanded a £25 payment to take a doll on board. Photo: Ryanair

Many have been quick to criticize Ryanair on social media. The boy and his mother were reportedly detained, and as such, missed the Ryanair flight. In the end, they were flown home from Alicante a few hours later. There seems, however, to be disagreement between Ryanair’s version of events and the mother’s story.

The background

The incident occurred on April 27th. According to iNews, the whole saga started when the boy, named Leo, was refused special assistance at Alicante Airport “because he could walk”. Leo was travelling with his carer Laura while his mother underwent surgery.

His mother, Helen, claims that staff demanded his carer pay £25 for the privilege of taking the doll on board. She states that she wouldn’t have minded paying this, however, when a member of staff touched Leo, this triggered a meltdown.

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Ryanair Autism Doll
The autistic passenger had a ‘meltdown’ over the doll (not pictured). Photo: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

After this, police were called to attend the incident. “Four or five” officers responded to the incident, further escalating the meltdown. Leo was denied travel by Ryanair, however, Jet2 had no issue flying him home. A series of tweets sent from a new Twitter account at the time of the incident appears to be from his mother:

Jet2 Autism Doll
Jet2 eventually flew the passenger and his carer home. Photo: RHL Images via Wikimedia

Ryanair response

Ryanair had a very different version of events according to a statement made to The Metro. They said: “At passport control, the teenager became agitated and aggressive towards his carer and the carer took the decision not to travel.

They went on to add, “These two passengers did not arrive at the boarding gate, and therefore, they were not “denied boarding” and neither were they charged for any hand luggage.

Ryanair Autism Doll
Ryanair claims the passengers didn’t pass passport control, and hence never interacted with the airline regarding the doll. Photo: Ryanair

Thoughts on the matter

Without any hard evidence to back either party up, it is hard to decide whose version of events is correct. It is believed that the mother was not present when the incident took place, so the details could have become blurred somewhere along the line. It would also seem unlikely that such a large airline would lie about the circumstances considering the potential consequences if they were later proven.

Regardless of whose version of events is correct, one thing seems clear. A passenger should not be charged £25 for taking such a doll on board. It appears as though it was quite clear that the teenager needed the doll. While it is perfectly justified to charge extra for non-essential hand luggage, common sense should have prevailed in this case, if indeed the passenger was charged.

Was Ryanair right to charge £25 for the doll? Which version of events do you believe? Let us know in the comments.

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Because Ryanair sell priced their fare lower than taxes. Like London to Edinburgh for £10, but taxes is £25 .So they need to charge everything to cover to cost. Including 29,500 Euro for junior pilot (Last year reduced to 5,000), 2,000 to 3,000 Euro for flight attendant (Now is free), self-employed contract…etc.


Plenty of airheads in this world who believe whatever they read…easy to see how fake news can spread.
If the mother’s story is true, how come none of the other passengers filmed the incident, and posted it on social media?
And if the salaries at Ryanair are as below-market as you suggest, how come there isn’t a mass exodus of staff?


So the teen threw a tantrum because someone “touched him” While I understand the disorder – parents ought to understand they can’t fly with this disabled kid. What would happen in an emergency? We can’t let one peron’s disability endanger passengers. This family needs to fly charter.