Flying Ryanair From London To Milan – Just For Dinner

When my partner was stuck in Milan an extra night for a business trip, she jokingly suggested I join her for dinner. Little did she know, this was one joke I’d take seriously. Find out how I had dinner in Milan with Ryanair for just £58!

Ryanair Boeing 737
I flew to Milan with Ryanair. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


I booked my flight to Milan rather on the fly. The night before travelling, I checked and I was able to fly to Milan and back for just under £60. This consisted of £14.99 for the outbound flight and £41.73 for the return. Considering I was only going overnight, I opted to avoid paying for extras and only carried a small item of hand luggage. However, I did ensure I paid a £1 supplement to offset the carbon footprint of my flight. According to their statistics, Ryanair has the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre.

Stansted Airport

Less than 12 hours after booking the flight, I was at the airport ready to fly to Milan. Overall, the airport experience was the worst part of the trip. Upon arrival, screens indicated that there was a 0-5 minute wait for security. This turned out to be false when 25 minutes later I had finally passed the checkpoint. Only eight out of the airport’s 22 lanes were open, and it seemed as though there was a struggle to cope with the volume of passengers.

As security took me so long to clear, I didn’t have time to stop for food. Instead, I grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich from Pret and headed straight to the gate. Despite worrying about being late, I was one of the first in the queue.

Pret Ham and Cheese Sandwich
I bought a ham and cheese sandwich from Pret. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

After about 10 minutes of standing in the queue, I glanced up and the board and saw that I was queuing for the Nantes flight. I thought in my rush I’d misread the signs and made an error. However, on checking the main board, discovered that both the Milan and Nantes flight were showing as departing Gate 50. I spoke to the gate agent who informed me that the gate had changed to 46. Coincidentally, this is where there was a long queue for the Nantes flight.

Flying to Milan

The flight to Milan was actually rather enjoyable. I was allocated seat 7A, offering me a perfect view out of the window. I was slightly concerned that the pilot might be heading to Dublin as the flight initially tracked West towards Luton Airport. However, soon enough we turned east towards Milan.

London to Milan
Initially, it was rather cloudy. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The flight itself was only around half full, explaining the £15 price 12 hours prior to departure. However, there was a fair bit of turbulence en route. We were playing a game of the seatbelt sign flashing on and off, which a large number of passengers seemed to ignore despite the crew’s protests.

Ryanair Legroom
I had ample legroom on the way out in seat 7D. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Any regular readers will know I’m very fussy when it comes to sandwiches onboard aircraft. I couldn’t quite bring myself to try Ryanair’s food offering, so opted for my Pret sandwich. This turned out to be some of the best cold food I’ve eaten on an aircraft to date.

Arrival in Milan

The flight to Milan was without incident, and soon enough we were on the ground at Bergamo. This is a secondary airport located approximately an hours drive out of the city. I took a pre-booked shuttle into the city which set me back around £5. As I boarded the shuttle bus, my partner discovered that I was in Milan, much to her delight!

I met her outside the cathedral after a good 15 minutes of trying to work out how to get into the metro and how to pay. A word of advice to those travelling to Milan: the day ticket is valid for 24 hours from purchase, however, avoid buying QR code tickets in the app.

Milan has some stunning architecture. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


We took a stroll around town and grabbed some ice cream from an upmarket coffee shop. I was informed that the best ice cream is the one not on open display, and my ice cream tasted amazing. We slowly proceeded to a tiny pizza restaurant named Piz, which had great reviews.

Milan Pizza
The pizza was amazing! Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The pizza was incredible, possibly the best I’ve ever eaten. Italian pizza certainly lived up to its reputation! You could really taste the tomato, and the scarce mozzarella really brought out the flavour. We were stung with a seemingly unadvertised €4 service charge. However, as we were given quite a few complimentary drinks we overlooked this.

Back to Bergamo

This morning I placed my partner in a taxi and bid her farewell. She proceeded to Linate for a Lufthansa economy flight to Frankfurt. I then took the metro to the central station. After confusion about where the shuttle bus departed, I proceeded to board. There were few seats available, so I asked a woman to move her handbag which was taking up a seat. Her response shocked me. I was rudely told to find another seat because she couldn’t possibly put her bag above her head or on the floor. Other passengers were met with a similar response.

Bergamo airport itself is a typical low-cost hub. The security process was quick and painless, however, you have to walk past all of the shops to reach your gate. I stopped halfway around the maze to grab a coffee. Much to my disgust, there was actually a shortcut past the majority of shops through one shop. At least I know for next time!

Return flight

The return flight had maybe four or five unoccupied seats. Only having hand luggage, I didn’t rush to be first on the aircraft. This wasn’t an issue as we were taken to a bus gate. I had flown out on a lovely Boeing 737-800 that was just 1.4 years old. However, the return flight was on an aircraft ten times the age. The flight was pleasant enough, but the aircraft looked tired. With an average fleet age of 6.5 years, I imagine it is one of the carriers older aircraft. The cabin seemed rather noisy from the engines.

Boeing 737-800
The returning aircraft showed its age. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

For the purposes of this review, I finally mustered the courage to give the airline’s “pizza and chips” a go. I thought it would be great to compare it to Italian pizza. Unfortunately, Ryanair had no pizza onboard the flight, so I gave it a miss. Maybe next time?

Mountain range
The views of the alps were stunning! Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Overall impressions

Overall, it might seem absurd to fly to Milan in order to have dinner, but I think it was worth it. I got the chance to spend a lovely evening with my partner in a different city, and the pizza was amazing! It’s certainly not something I’d do regularly, but it was nice as a one-off.

Would you fly to a different city to have dinner with your partner? Let us know in the comments!