Ryanair To Deploy High Density 737’s Out Of London Stansted

The first Ryanair 737 MAX is set to arrive at Stansted in a couple of months. The aircraft, which will contain 200 seats, will initially operate from Stansted before being rolled out across the network.

Ryanair is due to receive 135 B737MAX8 aircraft. Additionally, Europe’s largest airline has options on a further 75 MAX 8 aircraft according to Flight Global. All of these are for the 200 seat variant of the aircraft specifically created by Boeing for the airline.

Ryanair 737 MAX
The 200 seater B737 will have an additional exit on each side. Photo: Ryanair

200 Seater Aircraft

Specifically for Ryanair, Boeing has created the new, extra high capacity model of the B737MAX. The aircraft has additional emergency exit doors in the mid-fuselage to allow the higher passenger numbers. The aircraft made its first flight back on January 13th, and it looks as though before too long Ryanair will be holding the keys to the first of many.

The airline originally ordered 100 of the aircraft, however, it would seem as though Michael O’Leary is impressed with the vision that Boeing presented him. While the original order placed in 2014 was for 100 aircraft with 100 options, the total number of firm orders currently stands at 135. At list prices in 2014, Ryanair’s order was worth $11bn (USD).

Ryanair 737 Max
Ryanair’s first B737-MAX8 should be delivered in April. Photo: Ryanair

April Delivery

Ryanair has dubbed the B737 MAX a “gamechanger” aircraft. Indeed, this buzzword can be seen around various Ryanair press releases around the subject. Ryanair has said that the aircraft will offer more legroom while cramming in even more seats. The aircraft will be Ryanair’s greenest yet, said to be 20% more fuel efficient than the current B737s in service. At the same time, the airline will introduce a brand new interior.

The first of the new B737 aircraft will be delivered to Ryanair’s Stansted base in April. Four more will then be delivered throughout the course of 2019. This will lead to Ryanair operating all 5 during the winter schedule.

Ryanair Frequent Flyer
The first aircraft will operate out of Stansted, Ryanair’s home. Photo: Stansted Airport

150 New Routes

The new B737 aircraft will allow Ryanair to launch a vast number of new routes while creating up to 3,000 new pilot jobs. The MAX 8 will help Ryanair to reach their goal of 200 million passengers per annum by 2024.

“We are pleased to launch our London winter 2019 schedule with over 150 routes in total, which will deliver 26m customers through our 4 London airports this year. The first 5 of our new Boeing MAX “Gamechanger” will be based at London Stansted this Summer, offering more legroom and bright new interiors.

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