Ryanair Unhappy With Irish Government’s Travel Restriction Reintroduction

Ryanair has called on governments around the European Union to follow the EU’s Traffic Light system for travel restrictions. The call came a day after Ireland announced that it would remove all remaining countries from its safe travel ‘green list’.

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Ryanair has called on EU countries to follow the traffic light system. Photo: Getty Images

Travel restrictions, the quarantine on arrival concept, and COVID testing have all been hot topics this summer. Every country has been doing things slightly differently, making travel a headache at the best of times, and too complicated for many to consider at the worst of times. For instance, the German government had already dropped its blanket quarantine rules before the United Kingdom even first implemented theirs.

Follow the traffic light system

Ryanair today urged governments across the EU to adopt the EU’s COVID travel traffic light system. This is due to be discussed at an EU council meeting in Brussels on Tuesday. Like a traffic light, the traffic light system has three colors. These are red, amber, and green.

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Green and amber would mean that no restrictions would be necessary for travelers. Currently, 15 countries would classify as either green or amber. Meanwhile, red would mean that conditions may be put in place, such as testing on arrival or quarantine. The system also calls for restrictions to be placed on a regional level where possible.

Ryanair, COVID-19, Traffic Light System
The system would see 15 countries given red status. Photo: Ryanair

Commenting, Ryanair’s CEO, Eddie Wilson said,

“As confirmed by the WHO, aviation is not responsible for an increase in EU Covid rates and quarantines simply don’t work. EU Govts need to act fast and implement the EU “Traffic Light” System immediately following next week’s Council meeting and give Europe’s tourism economies the relief that’s much needed.”

Ireland removes all Green List countries

While Ryanair is urging a common approach across Europe, it has been relatively disappointed with the travel restrictions in its home country. The Irish government’s Green List has come under much scrutiny from Ryanair. Indeed, the Irish low-cost carrier even posted a fake job listing to “Compile Ireland’s Green list based on the following games:

  • Bingo
  • The Lotto (Euro Millions)
  • Pin the donkey to the tail (in this case, the country)
  • Scrabble
  • Darts (each number represents a country and you only have 6 darts each week)
  • Snap
  • Charades”
Ryanair Aer Lingus Aircraft
The airline has been critical of Ireland’s Green List. Photo: Getty Images

However, today the airline confirmed on Twitter that it had to let go of the imaginary employee as the green list no longer exists.

From Monday, no country will be on the Irish Green List. This means that anybody entering the country from 00:00 on Monday will be required to follow quarantine like restrictions for 14 days upon arrival. This includes those who may be traveling from countries with lower COVID cases than Ireland. The airline has even gone as far as comparing the Irish rules to North Korea.

Should all EU countries follow the traffic light system? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!