Ryanair Launches Summer 2022 Seat Sales With 160 UK Routes

Ryanair today revealed that it has begun selling tickets for Summer 2022, with tickets being sold up to October 2022. The scheduled launch saw the Irish low-cost carrier confirming 160 UK routes to destinations across Europe.

Ryanair, Summer 2022, UK Schedule
Ryanair has launched its UK schedule for summer 2022. Photo: Boeing

Many airlines across Europe are currently hurting hard from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second and third waves of COVID-19 across the continent have caused an enormous impact on schedules, arguably putting the industry in a worse place than a year ago. However, airlines across the continent see the continent’s vaccination drive as the answer to the pandemic, with airlines such as Ryanair feeling confident about the future.

Summer schedule 2022 launch

Ryanair’s summer 2022 schedule has been launched for the UK, meaning that passengers can now book tickets right up to the end of October next year. While this is convenient if you have plans, many may have been put off booking so far in advance given the recent turmoil faced by the industry.

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During next summer’s peak period, the airline plans to run over 1,800 flights per week to and from the United Kingdom, with 160 routes. Some of the key destinations to be served include beach destinations such as Faro, Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Marseille, and Malta. However, those seeking a city break will also be catered for with destinations such as Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and Rome.

Ryanair, Summer 2022, UK Schedule
160+ routes will have over 1,800 weekly flights across them. Photo: Boeing

Passengers may still be in luck if their planned destination is not yet being served by Europe’s largest pre-pandemic airline. Ryanair revealed that other routes would go on to be announced in the coming weeks and months.

Are vaccines the magic cure?

Airlines are currently looking at COVID-19 vaccines to be the magic cure for the travel industry. Indeed, as early as January, Ryanair was advertising as such with its since-banned Jab-&-Go campaign. However, It seems that Ireland’s LCC still believes this to be the case. Speaking to the Routes Reconnected conference earlier today, Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said,

“I think it will be inevitable that you get where the vaccination levels will mean that the levels of bad outcomes in terms of intensive care admissions, hospital admissions, deaths, will start to fall away. You can see that in the UK… It’s just a question of when. I think that we’re going to see that restrictions will be lifted.”

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Milan
Hopefully, the 737 MAX will be a big part of the airline’s 2022 schedule. Photo: Boeing

However, Ryanair can’t solely decide when the industry will recover. Instead, it must rely on governments deciding that it is now safe for travel to resume once more. This will depend on countries being confident that opening such travel channels will not set them back in terms of their COVID-19 recovery. Recently Finnair indicated that it also sees the vaccine as a road to recovery, revealing that vaccine certificates will be accepted for travel from May 11th.

Do you think things will be getting back to normal for Ryanair next summer? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!