Ryanair Boosts Manchester Service In Summer Amid MAX Grounding

Ryanair has announced a significant expansion of its services out of Manchester Airport this summer. The summer 2020 schedule will feature three new routes to destinations around Europe.

Ryanair 737
Ryanair will be increasing its flights out of Manchester Airport this summer. Photo: Ryanair

Low-fare carrier Ryanair recently announced a selection of new flights out of Manchester Airport for the summer 2020 holiday season.

Three new routes

The three new routes announced for the summer 2020 season have something to offer travelers who like city getaways, as well as travelers who prefer to spend time in the countryside.

As of March, Ryanair will be offering daily flights to Copenhagen out of Manchester Airport. It will also offer twice-weekly flights to Kerry and four times weekly flights to Paris Beauvais. Ryanair spokesperson Eimear Ryan said,

“To celebrate these new routes, we are releasing seats for sale on our European network with fares from just £14.99 for travel from now until the end of March 2020.”

Ryanair EI-EBS / Boeing 737-800
Ryanair has ordered 135 Boeing 737 MAX (Boeing 737 MAX not pictured). Photo: Jevgenijs Slihto via Flickr

Expansion of existing services

As well as the three new routes out of Manchester Airport, Ryanair is also increasing the frequency of its Manchester to Shannon route.

For the summer 2020 season, this route will increase from five to six times weekly. Tickets for this route, as well as the three new summer routes, are now available to book as far out as October 2020.

Missing the Boeing 737 MAX

As is the case with all carriers which own the Boeing 737 MAX, the ongoing grounding of the type is affecting Ryanair’s forward planning.

Despite ordering 135 Boeing 737 MAX, Ryanair didn’t actually manage to take delivery of any of the aircraft before the worldwide grounding was put in place.

Missing such a large portion of its fleet has put Ryanair in a tricky position. But Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs, recently revealed that the airline could be in a position to receive its first Boeing 737 MAX within the next couple of months.

“We now think we will get it in March or April this year, looks more like April than March, and we think we will get up to 10 MAX aircraft,” Jacobs recently told reporters in Madrid.

Ryanair EI-FIM
Passengers will be able to fly from Manchester to Copenhagen with Ryanair this summer Photo: North West Transport Photos via Flickr

Ryanair’s low emissions

The loss of the Boeing 737 MAX isn’t just bad news for Ryanair when it comes to planning its schedule and new routes for the next year.

The Boeing 737 MAX’s low emissions figures and high fuel efficiency per passenger mile are important for Ryanair as it continues to strive towards minimal operating costs.

Ryanair says it is the “greenest/cleanest” major airline in Europe, boasting the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger/kilometer. This is mainly due to the fact that fuel efficiency reduces fuel costs for the airline, whilst having the fortunate secondary effect of allowing the airline to show off its green credentials.

The Boeing 737 MAX would lower Ryanair’s impressive efficiency figures even further. But until the type is re-certified, Ryanair will have to make do with its current generation fleet.