Ryanair Boeing 737 Diverts To Paris Following Engine Failure

A Ryanair Boeing 737 has been forced to divert and perform an unplanned landing at Paris-Beauvais Airport. The aircraft apparently experienced problems with its right-hand engine and had to shut down in order to continue flying. No one was injured.

This 737-800 was a third generation aircraft and not the troubled fourth generation MAX from Boeing.

Ryanair Aircraft
Ryanair is the No. 1 international airline carrying more international passengers than any other airline. Photo: Ryanair.

What are the details?

Ryanair flight FR7411 was en route from Faro Airport in Portugal (one of Ryanair’s hub airports) to Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands when the pilot noticed something was wrong.

The route of the aircraft. The incident took place just near Paris. Source: Google Maps.

According to the incident report (published here), the flight deck noticed that the oil pressure in their right-hand engine had dropped to dangerous levels. Whilst above Paris at the time, they decided to shut down the aircraft and divert to a closer airport.

They deemed the situation to not be dire (despite only operating on one engine) and landed 43 minutes after starting their descent at the closest airport, Paris Beauvais.

After landing and being given the all clear, passengers and crew disembarked. Passengers flew on a replacement plane that arrived shortly after and engineers set to work looking for the cause of the malfunction.

Fortunately, there were no injuries in this incident.

Ryanair Boeing 737
Ryanair 737-800, the most common (if only) aircraft in their fleet. Photo: Wikimedia.

What was the passenger reaction?

Scouring the internet, Simple Flying has managed to find a few comments from passengers onboard.

One such comment read below:

I was a passenger on Ryanair flight 7411 from Faro to Eindhoven. We received information that one engine was shut down.
There was a lot of panic on board, both passengers and crew.
The captain did a great job. I didn’t know his name, but i really would like to thank him. As for compensation… Every passenger got a 5 euro voucher for food and beverage. Just 5 euro! One bottle of water and a cookie was 5.30€!

Newspaper NLtimes.com, reported this interview with a passenger after the incident.

There were crying people, crying children. We were not told what exactly was going on, just that there was a problem with the engine. After the landing it was announced that the right engine had failed due to a lack of oil pressure.

Some aviation commentators have questioned why the aircraft landed at Paris Beauvais when the original destination, Eindhoven Airport, was equally far away (45 minutes). Ryanair has also faced flack for not reporting the situation to passengers until they had landed, causing undue panic.

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