Hiring Drive: Ryanair Is Recruiting 2,000 New Pilots

Ryanair is launching a recruitment drive to employ 2,000 new pilots over the next three years. The airline will use the crew to build its operations as it recovers and rebuilds from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit all corners of the aviation industry, including airlines and their employees.

Ryanair, Pilots, Recruitment Drive
Ryanair has revealed plans to hire some 2,000 new pilots over the next three years. Photo: Ryanair

The industry truly seems to be healing from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Virgin Atlantic is upping capacity by 30% on one route despite a load factor of just 27% a handful of months ago. Meanwhile, June was Ryanair’s second-best month since the start of the pandemic in terms of the number of passengers carried. Now the work to recover continues.

Recruiting 2,000 pilots

Ryanair today revealed plans to recruit at least 2,000 new pilots over the next three years. The recruitment drive is mainly being led by the arrival of 210 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that will partly replace older Ryanair jets but will also allow the airline to expand beyond its pre-pandemic operations.

It seems as though Ryanair is targeting new talent to fill entry-level openings in the recruitment drive. The airline revealed that its new captain vacancies would mostly be filled by existing first officers, allowing career progression at the airline.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Liveries
The recruitment drive comes as the airline is to take delivery of 210 new MAX aircraft. Photo: Ryanair

The shift of pilots up the ranks will create a wealth of openings for replacement first officers. However, the airline will also be recruiting new cadet pilots who can grow into first officers and then captains with the help of the airline’s career progression scheme.

The airline will be holding training courses for its new roles throughout the rest of 2021. Those successful will then be ready to fly for the airlines across Europe during next summer’s season. The airline is partnering with the Airline Flight Academy in Dublin to provide the training.

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Things are looking up for the Irish LCC

It looks as though things are looking up for the Irish low-cost carrier. As the EU starts to roll back travel restrictions, passengers are returning to the skies. Last August, the airline’s passenger count had recovered by half. It seems as though the airline will surpass this milestone in the next two months. As part of the announcement today, the airline revealed that it hopes to carry 200m passengers by the 2024 financial year.

Ryanair, Pilots, Recruitment Drive
First officer promotions will predominately fill Captain positions. Photo: Ryanair

Commenting on the wealth of new opportunities, the airline’s People Director, Darrel Hughes, said,

“As we take delivery of more than 210 Boeing 737-8200 gamechanger aircraft, Ryanair will recruit 2,000+ pilots over the next 3 years to fill positions created by this growth. This is great news for experienced and aspiring pilots but also for our own pilots who will enjoy fast tracked promotions.”

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