Ryanair Returns To The Skies Tomorrow – Here’s What’s Changed

Tomorrow will see Ryanair’s aircraft returning to the skies after a three-month hibernation. At the height of the pandemic, Ryanair was operating a skeleton service of just 20 routes each week. This is set to change, though, as the European low-cost carrier will operate some 1,000 flights per day from tomorrow.

Ryanair, Restart, Pandemic
Ryanair is set to relaunch around 1,000 daily flights tomorrow. Photo: Frances Comor via Ryanair

The majority of the Ryanair fleet has remained on the ground at airports around Europe for the past quarter of a year. A vast majority of the fleet will return to the skies from tomorrow. However, in the post-pandemic world, the relaunch of flights will come with some strings attached.

What’s new?

In terms of Ryanair’s scheduled flying, the airline will initially operate far fewer flights than it had before the pandemic. However, with 1,000 daily flights, a large portion of Ryanair destinations will rejoin the airline’s network.

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Of course, passengers on flights will notice a large number of changes. The single most significant change will be mandatory masks on aircraft. This is something that the airline is taking seriously as Simple Flying witnessed on a recent Ryanair flight.

TSA, Passengers, Aviation Recovery
The airline has been operating a skeleton schedule of around 20 routes per week. Photo: Getty Images

Baggage, Baggage, Baggage

Ryanair has gone against the UK’s guidance on baggage on flights. The Department of Transport states,

“You are strongly encouraged to check in baggage to the aircraft hold and minimise any hand baggage.”

However, Ryanair would tell you otherwise. The Irish low-cost carrier advises passengers to avoid checking in a bag, and instead, look at priority boarding, which includes an additional cabin bag. The airline says that this avoids passengers having to interact with check-in staff. Airport staff also don’t then need to handle the luggage.

Ryanair, Restart, Pandemic
Ryanair is encouraging passengers to avoid checking in bags. Photo: Pixabay

What about onboard flights?

Onboard flights, passengers will be encouraged to minimize contact with others. As mentioned, masks will be mandatory on flights. While boarding, Ryanair will try to avoid passengers congregating while attempting to board the aircraft.

On the flight, passengers will be discouraged from leaving their seats unless necessary. The Irish LCC will not allow passengers to queue to use the toilets, and the seat belt may remain on during the flight.

Ryanair will still sell refreshments onboard flights, although the menu will likely be more limited. Those who wish to try their luck on Ryanair’s scratch card game also won’t be disappointed. On a recent flight, Simple Flying found that the airline was still selling scratch cards.

Ryanair, Limited Network, New Routes
The airline is still selling scratch cards. Photo: Getty Images

Don’t expect social distancing

Passengers shouldn’t expect Ryanair’s seating policy to be any different as a result of the current pandemic. On a recent flight with just over 50 passengers, Simple Flying was seated next to a stranger despite the majority of the cabin remaining unoccupied. Passengers also won’t be seated together without paying for the privilege.

Also, don’t forget that until the UK Government changes its policy, a 14-day quarantine will still apply for all arriving in the country.

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