Ryanair Deals With Second Boeing 737 Bomb Threat In One Week

A Ryanair plane has received a bomb threat but has landed safely and all passengers are unharmed. The aircraft landed in Oslo and is being attended to by Norwegian police. It’s the second time this week Ryanair has had to deal with a threat of this nature on one of its flights.

Ryanair has received a second bomb threat in one week. Photo: Getty Images

Passengers evacuated

Updates published in a tweet at around 12:30 UTC today revealed that a Ryanair flight had received a bomb threat while in the air. The communication indicated that the plane had landed safely on the runway in Oslo and that police were in attendance in what the tweet describes as ‘great force’.

Minutes later, the Norwegian police advised that the emergency services were assisting with the situation, and that passengers had begun to be evacuated from the plane. By 13:15, all passengers were confirmed to be off the plane and to have been transported away in busses.

The police advised that the aircraft will now be examined by the Emergency Response Troops and the bomb squad. It appears the flight was from London Stansted and that Oslo was indeed its intended destination.

Ryanair on ground
It’s the second time this week the airline has had to deal with such a threat. Photo: Ryanair

The Ryanair flight was FR1392/RYR5WY, which departed London Stansted at 09:40 this morning. After an hour and 40 minutes in the air, it landed at Oslo at 12:31, around 10 minutes ahead of schedule. The bomb threat doesn’t appear to have affected the aircraft’s schedule.

Ryanair Deals With Second Boeing 737 Bomb Threat In One Week
The flight appears to have proceeded as normal. Image: FlightRadar24.com

Arrest made

The Daily Star is reporting that a 51-year-old British male has been arrested as a result of the incident. It also issued a statement from the airline which read,

“Crew on a Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Oslo today (17 July) discovered a note that claimed there was a potential security threat on board. The captain followed procedures and continued to Oslo airport where the plane landed safely. Customers remained on board while authorities carried out a security search.

“Passengers in Olso waiting to depart to London Stansted are being transferred to a replacement aircraft to minimise any delay to their flight. This is now a matter for local police, and Ryanair apologises for any inconvenience that may have been caused”.

Second in one week

This incident is the second in just one week for the low-cost airline. Just days ago, a Ryanair Boeing 737 flying from Krakow to Dublin was diverted to Stansted in the UK after cabin crew discovered a note in the lavatory saying there was a bomb on board.

The aircraft was escorted by two RAF Typhoon fighter jets, but landed safely. All passengers disembarked without injury and were accommodated on a replacement flight. There has been no confirmation that any explosives were found on the plane.

Hopefully, today’s bomb scare also turns out to be a hoax.

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