How Ryanair Is Becoming A Leader In New Technology


While Ryanair is known for its low-cost model, one thing the airline doesn’t cut corners on is safety. In fact, Ryanair is leading the way with new technology which will make flying safer than ever.

Ryanair Technology Tracking
Ryanair is leading the way with new safety technology. Photo: Ryanair

The carrier is investing in heavily in tracking technologies, which will allow the carrier to know where each of its aircraft is at any given time. This would mean a repeat of the MH370 incident would be virtually impossible. Additionally, pilots and training staff will be able to replay flights immediately after it has landed.

Real-time tracking

The first new technology to be implemented into the Ryanair fleet sees it being integrated with satellite tracking, according to AirlineRatings. The system will be primarily based on Flight Aware’s software, which is used by many in the aviation industry to track aircraft. This would tie into ADS-B data.


You may be thinking, “we can already track aircraft from the ground, that’s how Flight Aware works”. Well, yes, however, there are black spots where aircraft can’t be tracked. A great example is the Atlantic Ocean. Satellite tracking removes these blackspots as the entire globe has satellite coverage. Additionally, there are very few places where satellites do not have a direct line of sight to aircraft.

Ryanair technology tracking
Ryanair will be able to track its fleet across the globe. Photo: Ryanair

Real-time playback

Additionally, the carrier announced a new app which will allow flight crew to instantly replay any portion of a flight as an animation. According to Air Transport World, pilots will be able to select portions of their previous flight and replay them as an animation when completing a post-flight briefing.

Speaking of the new technology, Andy O’Shea, Head of Crew Training at Ryanair, told: “We are proud to initiate a change designed to revolutionize not only the debriefing and training culture within the company, but also for European aviation, thus making the sky safer”

Ryanair Technology Tracking
Ryanair pilots will be able to instantly playback video animations of their flights. Photo: CEFA Aviation

The drawbacks

While the technology will undoubtedly make flying safer within Ryanair, there is also the potential that it could be used to “spy” on pilots. Key people within Ryanair will have access to the data and could use it to see how pilots are performing. Indeed, Ryanair’s chief pilot said of the playback technology,

“Over the next 12 months we will monitor pilot performance based on an agreed set of KPI’s to ensure that our pilots not only deliver to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in the industry but set new standards of excellence for the years ahead”.

Hopefully, the new software will be used for good and not bad. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Indeed, the intention is that it can be used as a retroactive learning tool.


What do you think of Ryanair’s new technology? Will it be used for good or evil? Let us know in the comments!