Ryanair vs Easyjet – What Airline Is Best?


Here at Simple Flying, we love a nice comparison article. However, in the past, most of these have focused on airplane comparisons. Following on from the British Airways Euro Traveller vs Club Europe article, Simple Flying is pleased to compare Ryanair and easyJet in a battle between Britain’s two biggest low-cost carriers.

The low down

Ryanair is Europe’s largest low-cost airline by passenger numbers. In addition, the carrier transported more international passengers than any other airline in 2015. Founded in 1984, the airline is now a surprising 33 years old. They operate a fleet of Boeing 737-800 jets, with an average age of around 7.4 years. However, Ryanair was set to start receiving its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft later this month. Ryanair’s main operating hub is London Stansted Airport.

easyJet is one of Ryanair’s main competitors. Photo: easyJet

easyJet is slightly smaller than Ryanair but also packs a punch in the low-cost market. Catering to a slightly different market, the carrier was founded in March 1995. This makes the airline 24 years old. easyJet operates aircraft from the A320 family, with an average fleet age of around seven years. Like Ryanair, easyJet is also receiving new aircraft, however, the orange carrier has gone for Airbus’ neo aircraft.


Fleet Winner: Draw

Ryanair was expecting new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in April. Photo: Ryanair

Flight cost

When booked well in advance, Ryanair is almost always the cheaper of the two airlines. Take London to Edinburgh on 28th May. While the Irish airline is currently selling tickets for just £13, the cheapest easyJet ticket clocks in at £34, over two and a half times the price. The tradeoff is that it can be cheaper to book with easyJet than Ryanair at the last minute.

Flight cost winner: Ryanair



Ryanair is notorious for its restrictive baggage policy. In fact, the airline changed its bag policy twice last year. Currently, without paying additional charges, Ryanair passengers are only allowed to bring a small rucksack on flights. Those with priority boarding are allowed to also bring a cabin sized suitcase.

On the other hand, while easyJet also only allows passengers one carry on bag, this can be a cabin sized suitcase. Speedy Boarding passengers can carry one additional bag. For a small extra charge, passengers can check their hand luggage and only carry essentials.

Baggage winner: easyJet

easyJet often seats passengers together. Photo: easyJet


Both airlines offer a large number of extras; this is how they can offer such cheap tickets. On each airline, you need to pay for refreshments, priority boarding and seat selection. However, on easyJet passengers are typically sat together without reserving seats, while this is uncommon on Ryanair.

Extras winner: easyJet


Including one draw, the final result stands at 2 to 3 to easyJet. While Ryanair offers unbeatable prices, easyJet adds that extra little sparkle making all the difference.

Which airline do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments down below!


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Easyjet without any hesitation !
– On average, airports are more convenient
– Employees are so much better treated
– Safer !!! (Ryanair pushes pilots to go to the lowest fuel required by guidelines… Happened that they have to declare emergency (pan pan) due to diverting to another airport where there is no thunderstorm. Among all the aircrafts diverted, only Ryanair was on an unsafe situation. And this happened more than once, with the worst case being a panpan ending in other aircrafts clearing space (normal) and Ryanair aircraft with no fuel left at the end of the runway…
Only for safety, I refuse to fly with them.


Airbus’s are quieter so a tick for easyJet. Can’t help but feel that Ryanair’s seats are bigger though. Easyjet decor more pleasing on the eye.


Ryanair actually have a very accommodating cabin bag policy: for the price of a Priority surcharge (6 euros), you get to take TWO bags on board…a small carry-on (10 kg max) AND a small bag that fits under the seat. Compare that to the single-bag, 7kg policy on many airlines. Also, seat assignment can be bought for as little as 4 euros…so it’s easy for families/friends to book adjacent seats. The total price is still low.
Everyone likes to bash Ryanair, but I actually find that to be unfair. I fly with them about 10-15 times per year (they serve my local airport), and I actually find them to be punctual, clean, efficient and friendly.
Easyjet are also very good, if somewhat more expensive. For me, they’re not convenient because their network does not cover my typical starting/finishing points. From what I’ve heard, Wizzair are also just as good.
As regards bitching about surcharges: it’s no different on AirAsia or Jetstar, for example. Get over it. Even with surcharges, they’re still cheaper than mainline carriers, who often offer no greater comfort.


Easy Jet Is by far the better airline to choose, for the following reasons. 1) They actually fly to main airports. 2) You can still take a full size carry on cabin bag with you but make sure you arrive early at the gate, space is limited on-board and it may be taken from you at the gate and put in the hold. 3) If you check-in online as soon as it opens usually 30 days before your flight, you will be seated together (not guaranteed, but i’ve never had a problem and i use them a lot. 4) staff that actually care about their costumes. 5) You don’t have to jump though hoops to get a cheap flight. I find it must less stressful to fly Easyjet, I have flown RyanAir many times too, but would choose EasyJet over them everytime


Easyjet is more “classy ” because of its Airbus aircrafts ‘s fleet and because it flies from main airports. But i fly with both, Ryan Air & Easyjet,they are equally punctual and staff is equally polite & efficient. .Since it s for less than 3hours flights accross Europe, i always choose them over mainline carriers because there are cheaper but the most important for me apart from the fare is the schedule.
I avoid early mornings departures and late night arrivals.


I fly alot within Europe and decided to try Ryanair properly from Feb 2018 and was pleasantly surprised, good legroom, friendly and professional pilots, good aircraft, flight attendants, good fares and a really good choice of destinations. I tried EasyJet a few times they were not bad either, but to where I fly Ryan has more planes and times that suit me. I don’t like the 737-max and as Ryan seems determined to go for it, so I’m looking at flying less often and switching to BA and EasyJet which won’t use the 737-max.