Ryanair Flew Passenger To The Wrong Airport Hundreds Of Miles Away

A passenger flying on the infamous low-cost carrier Ryanair has not only ended up at the wrong airport but on the wrong side of the country with the Mediterranean Sea in between.

Ryanair Autism Doll
The passenger went to the wrong part of Italy. Photo: Ryanair

The passenger was intending to fly from Pisa to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, but ended up on the plane to Bari instead, as reported by CNN.

What happened?

The Italian man, who has not been identified at this time, passed through final checks in Pisa and walked towards his plane.

Unfortunately, it seems that there were two Ryanair planes being boarded at the same time. The aircraft did not board from a jetbridge, but rather via a walk from the terminal to a staircase. At some stage in the process, the passenger got confused which aircraft was flying to his destination.

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While you might think that his mistake would have been corrected at the point of boarding, it seems that the flight attendants did not check his ticket. As such, he was allowed to take a seat, unaware that the plane was heading to the wrong destination.

The passenger started to realize something wasn’t right when the aircraft began to descend into Bari.

A fellow passenger filmed this realization, and translated it to CNN.

“He said the landscape was different from Cagliari. Then he started insulting the flight assistants arguing they let him pass through the gates,”

Upon landing, the passenger launched into a tirade against the flight attendants and demanded that they take care of him. He said that he paid almost 400 EUR on the flight and was now out of funds to meet his sick friend back in Sardinia.

It remains to be seen how Ryanair will rectify this situation.

Fleet of Ryanair aircraft at the airport
Ryanair aircraft line up on the tarmac. Photo: Ryanair.

How did this happen?

Looking at the story, we can see that the issue was caused by the passenger getting on the wrong plane. Whilst rare, it has happened before across the world and is one of the main reasons why we have assigned seating and flight attendants who check tickets when boarding.

It seems that in this case, neither occurred.

“The flight to Cagliari was late so the two boardings were really close to each other. The man got confused. Also, they probably didn’t check his ticket when he got on the plane,” the fellow passenger continued to CNN.
At the same time, we can’t totally blame the airline. The passenger failed to realize that they were on the wrong plane for the entire flight?
Ryanair has issued a short, but brief statement.
“We have asked the operator in charge of ground assistance services for Ryanair planes and passengers at the Pisa airport to shed light on this case and make sure it does not happen again,”.
What do you think? Is it the passengers’ fault or the airline? Let us know in the comments.

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Jack Bonello

Both screwed up. Returning to Ontario, California from Houston once I was almost put on a flight to Canada. I growled at the attendant who could only say, “Oops!” But hey, both California and Canada are spelled beginning with a C and A.

Birgit Langenfeld

I think it’s the airline’s fault.I’m German,but I wasn’t gone either that or the other route,but I’m going often by plane.I would not have realized any destination or the other and not even whether they checked the ticket and the boarding pass or seen any difference between!!


Passenger, how can you be so clueless about where you’re going. Everyone got it right but him!!! Clueless AF O_o

Ryanair like other airlines always announces “welcome aboard this flight to _____” so at the very least he should have noticed while still on the ground. The flight crew is not your babysitter so get your act together!

Steve Berg

I do not know about FR, but most airlines, including easyJet, do not require its cabin crew to check boarding passes (and they do not do a headcount either). On this occasion, ground staff should be more vigilant and not let pax wander around the tarmac.

Edward Mckay ( Liverpool UK )

I worked for a holiday Charter Airline in the 90’s it’s now called Tui, on a night flight from Rhodes to Newcastle UK there were 5 ,757’s on the Tarmac and passengers arrived by Bus from the Terminal. we were full with 235 as all 5 Aircraft returning to the UK were. When Airborne Passengers asked why a Northern crew were doing the London flight ? It turned out the Bus drivers went to the wrong Aircraft so the London flight had the Newcastle passengers but London Passengers Luggage and vice versa. we flew to London and had to send… Read more »


I think it’s both. Passengers aren’t babies they need to be alert whilst traveling and pay attention. The staff also have to be careful and check boarding pass.