Ryanair’s Impressive 9 Hour Long Boeing 737 MAX 8 Delivery Flight

On Friday, October 22nd, A Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 200 landed in Dublin, Ireland, after a nine-hour trip all the way from Seattle, Washington. This transoceanic journey highlights the long-range capabilities of the narrowbody family.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Summer 2021
Ryanair is a fan of the higher capacity MAX 200 variant. Photo: Getty Images.

Transcontinental and transatlantic hop

The aircraft, registration 9H-VUN, performed flight RYR82N from Boeing Field King County International to Dublin Airport. The plane covered a distance of 3,930 NM (7,278 km). While this hop across the pond from the State of Washington is an everyday task for a widebody, it’s impressive to witness it with a single-aisle solution.

RadarBox.com RYR82N
The 737 MAX left Seattle at 02:36 PDT to arrive in Dublin 09h02m later at 19:38 IST. Photo: RadarBox.com

High hopes

Ryanair is betting big on the MAX. The airline’s faith in the type was shown at the end of last year when it ordered 75 additional units to bring its order book to 210 jets. Overall, the carrier believes that the plane is the right fit for its operations in this next chapter.

“Ryanair’s board and people are confident that our customers will love these new aircraft. Passengers will enjoy the new interiors, more generous leg room, lower fuel consumption and quieter noise performance. And, most of all, our customers will love the lower fares, which these aircraft will enable Ryanair to offer starting in 2021 and for the next decade, as Ryanair leads the recovery of Europe’s aviation and tourism industries,” shared Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary, in a statement.

“As soon as the COVID-19 virus recedes – and it likely will in 2021 with the rollout of multiple effective vaccines – Ryanair and our partner airports across Europe will – with these environmentally efficient aircraft – rapidly restore flights and schedules, recover lost traffic and help the nations of Europe recover their tourism industries, and get young people back to work across the cities, beaches and ski resorts of the European Union.”

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Milan
Ryanair’s leadership had been mulling over the prospects of the 737 MAX 10 this year. Photo: Getty Images

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No stranger to such routes

The first Ryanair 737 MAX delivery was on June 16th. Just like this week’s plane, the MAX 200 took a long trip to Ireland from the US West Coast. Registration EI-HEN kicked off a series of deliveries that have occurred since the summer. Notably, the first Ryanair Buzz 737 MAX delivery was completed just last month. This aircraft will help the subsidiary operate out of its several bases in Poland.

Ryanair isn’t the only European carrier that has recently been receiving its MAX aircraft from such a long distance. Last week, we reported that TUI’s new MAX 8 on lease from Aviation Capital Group (ACG) made a transatlantic trip all the way to Brussels after some initial troubles. These trips have notably put the range of the narrowbody to the test.

Ryanair has been putting its MAX jets to good use. The aircraft can be found on many routes, including Stansted to Paphos, which is the longest, at 1,725 nautical miles (3,195 km).

What are your thoughts about Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX deliveries? Have you hopped on any of the airline’s MAX units over the last few months? Let us know what you think of the planes and their activity with the carrier in the comment section.