Two South African Airways A340’s Fly Meters Apart In Stunning Flyover

South African Airways has performed an impressive feat to welcome their new president, with two Airbus A340s flying low in close formation over the stadium.

South Africa
The flyover from below. Photo: South African Airways

Some very exciting footage and photos hit social media, with commentators saying it was a one-of-a-kind display.

What are the details?

New South African president Cyril Ramaphosa finished off his inauguration ceremony with an “absolutely bonkers” flyover. Many of the below twitter images have been collated thanks to DJ aviation.

The event took place at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, with political supporters packed into the stadium to welcome their winning candidate.

The aircraft took some time to get into position (which makes sense when you see how big the A340s are) but managed to pull off a very impressive flyover.

Then once the flyover was complete, two aircraft flew very close to each other before peeling away.

Plus, AeroNews managed to get hold of the same maneuver from inside the rear A340.

COCKPIT VIEW / Two Airbus A340-600 South African flying over Loftus stadium, Pretoria at the inauguration of the country's new President.via 🇿🇦 #lowpass #flypast #southafrica FlySAAVideo 2 3 4

Posted by Aeronews on Saturday, 25 May 2019

Hats off to the pilots who were able to pull off this impressive aerial show.

And the airline that provided the aircraft. You can see the video they created from the show below:

What else was involved in the flyover?

The two A340s were only a small part of the airshow, with several other military aircraft taking to the sky, including South African Air Force’s ‘Silver Falcons’ aerobatics team.

South African Airways
The two A340s fly into formation in a tight turn. Photo: South African Government.
South African Airways
Other aircraft also performed part of the flyover. Photo: South African Government.
South African Airways
The two A340s. Photo: Photo: South African Government.
Photo: South African Government.
A large military C-130 follows. Photo: South African Government.
South African Airways
The two A340s flanked by air force jets Photo: South African Government.
South African Airways
The two A340s lineup. Photo: South African Government.

Some readers have said that the peel off at the end would have put enormous stress onto the A340s… but this just goes to show what this brilliant aircraft is capable of.

The airline currently has 16 A340s in their fleet (seven A340-300s and nine A340-600s) with no confirmed plans to replace them.

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