SAS Reveals Its Stunning New Airbus A350 Livery

Scandinavian Airlines, commonly known as SAS, revealed today (19/09/19) a new livery. Although not significantly changed from its previous guise the company insists the repaint reflects a new corporate identity.

SAS jet in flight concept
SAS reveals its brand new livery. Photo: SAS

In its press release, SAS explains how its new livery embodies the future of the airline, representing an optimistic vision of the next few years.

Hand-in-hand with SAS’s announcement, the carrier also reminds customers of how modern and fuel-efficient its fleet is. The Airbus A350 and A320neo will be the first aircraft to feature the new signage: a take on the classic Scandinavian design.

An SAS spokesman told us, “We experience that travelers are proud to be part of the SAS community, and that the unique blue color together with the logo, are strong elements when travelers highlight their feelings towards the SAS brand.

The new livery embraces this unique relationship in an elegant way I think, and it’s very nice to see the new big silver SAS logo to the front of the aircraft.”

New identity

As part of its extensive fleet overhaul, SAS is expecting the delivery of 80 Airbus A320neos, five A330 Enhanced, eight Airbus A350s and three A321LR, all by the end of 2023. These aircraft are expected to be painted with the new SAS colors.

The carrier says in its press release that, “a simplified and renewed fleet tailored to large and small traffic flows will strengthen SAS’ competitiveness.”

In tandem with its fleet renewal, SAS has undertaken an interior redesign of preexisting types. The carrier considers the new livery upgrade and 2015 interior reworking a “milestone of the new corporate identity… both a tribute to the Scandinavian heritage and a step into the future.

SAS jet on taxiway concept
SAS boss says the new design is a “symbol of our future”. Photo: SAS

Says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO at SAS, “The new livery design is a symbol of our future, a more sustainable and competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage.

Video of the day:

“Travelers from Scandinavia will recognize their home, while global travelers will encounter the renowned feeling of the Nordics.”

According to the airline, travelers consider the Scandinavian blue and the logo instantly recognizable as Scandinavian Airlines branding. As a result, part of the new livery includes a greater swathe of blue than before, which extends from the tail fin further down the aft fuselage.

SAS jet in flight concept
Small but effective changes have been made to the SAS livery. Photo: SAS

Throughout the years

This will be only the third time SAS has changed its livery and the first time in 21 years. The livery of 1946 is nicknamed “The Dragon Age”, 1983 “The Stripes” and 1998 “The Blue Tail”.

Little has changed in the immediate appearance of today’s livery. The most noticeable changes include the greater swatch of blue and the “SAS” decal. The red engines of the 1998 livery have been painted silver grey, and the word “Scandinavian” has been added to the belly of the plane.

The repaint of the existing fleet will be done in accordance with scheduled repaints. New aircraft will be delivered in the new design. SAS hopes its entire fleet will be re-branded by 2024.

Weight reduction

The new SAS livery is painted using a state-of-the-art aerospace coating developed by AkzoNobel. The chromate-free innovation allows aircraft to be painted with fewer layers. The weight of the airframe is thus reduced leading to greater fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

AkzoNobel’s formula also contains fewer VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) than conventional aircraft paint. VOCs are believed to contribute to atmospheric particulates and can impair the health of those using it.

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Steve Pickering

Danish flag carrier? That would be nice, but I am sure Norway and Sweden were omitted.


It will be STOCKHOLM, due to the fact that DANSK BANK did cheat on everyone here in Scandinavia


Norway has no ownership anymore in SAS, and Sweden has sold out a lot. So SAS has most Danish.


It is still the flag carrier of the three countries

Tom Boon

I have updated this accordingly.


Clean, a bit bland. I think it works on bigger aircraft, but some red would make really make a difference.


To Stockholm Arlanda, proud to be SAS.
This new Airbus will be an huge asset to the becoming Scandinavian Hubbbbb 😉


This is Not the Danish flag carrier
This is Scandinavian Airlines ,Flag carrier for Sweden,Norway and Denmark .

Tom Boon

I have updated this accordingly.


Wow. Definitely not “stunning.” I liked the old one more.


When you say “stunning” – do you mean “bland and frankly unimaginative” or “well it’s better than Iberia”. It almost makes LATAM’s livery look good


Agree. It’s white with a coloured tail. How can anyone get excited over that? There’s not even a logo or icon. Just the letters “SAS”.

Michael Pearce

In what world is the fuselage white?


SAS in not ‘Danish’

Tom Boon

I have updated this accordingly.


I would say following in the footstep of Lufthansa, not a dramatically new design, but cool I like it.

Tom Boon

My first thought was that it looks a bit like Lufthansa too!


unfortunately the best times of airline liveries are gone


It *is* stunningly . . . “meh.”


Scandinavian , formerly known as SAS , is the national carrier of Norway , Sweden + Denmark ? Finnlànd is represented with Finnàir. Well, I think that their fleet size , is under count ( the amount of aircraft in the fleet) also it’s not clear which manufacturer are they going to give orders to? AirBus ,ok they have a couple of A350s in line. With it being the choice that Scandinavian represent 3 Nordic countries , I somehow had imagined a larger fleet size , and a choice of both AirBus + Boeing airliners. The new Company identification ,… Read more »


Finland is not part of Scandinavia – Scandinavia is the commonality of the languages not geographic. The geographic region which encompasses Iceland, Finland and the three Scandinavian countries is known as the Nordic countries. Also, the population of the three countries combined is about the same of Mexico City hence the relatively small fleet.

Popadom Pete

“Stunning”??? That?????????

Jon de Templar

If you think this is stunning you’re easily impressed. Just more Eurobland dumbing down


In the 21st century, everything is stunning, or shocking, or jaw dropping, or it takes your breath away, or you’ve got no words (except the words needed to say that). When did human beings become addicted to such a common use of grandiose language?