Satcom Direct Snags Exclusive Deal With Avcon Jet For Fleet Wide Connectivity

Florida based Satcom Direct has signed an exclusive deal with a major European business aviation company. Avcon Jet, with a fleet of more than 70 aircraft, will receive full and complete connectivity services from SD, including hardware, software and ongoing support.

SD Avcon Jet
Satcom Direct will be the exclusive supplier to Avcon Jet. Photo: SD

Fleet wide connectivity for Avcon Jet

The growing, mixed fleet of more than 70 aircraft owned by Avcon Jet no doubt presented a complex proposal to Satcom. Spread across around a dozen international business aviation hubs worldwide, the fleet required some out of the box thinking to secure a solution that would be right for every situation.

Thankfully, Satcom Direct’s experience in tackling these types of complex projects put them ahead of the came when it came to providing a solution. The fact it could provide realtime assistance and 24/7 troubleshooting to the fleet secured SD’s place as the preferred provider for connectivity for the entire fleet.

Satcom Direct
Solutions for a mixed fleet of 70 isn’t an easy task. Photo: Satcom Direct

Maximillian Maruna, Chief Operating Officer for Avcon Jet, said in a statement sent to Simple Flying,

“As one of Europe’s major business aviation companies offering a wide range of services, it is imperative that our preferred provider can supply all our aircraft with the right connectivity services, seamlessly and securely. As technology moves so rapidly, we also needed to know we have immediate access to the necessary support and assistance for those services. The additional focus on cybersecurity and the ability to customize services made SD the obvious choice for our needs.”

Satcom Direct will be providing a one-stop suite of solutions for Avcon, including hardware, software and product support. SD will be the exclusive provider for the entire fleet in terms of connectivity, including voice, data, flight deck solutions and even cybersecurity. It’s a big win in the bizav space for this ambitious Florida based business.

The Satcom solution

Satcom Direct will be providing a comprehensive set of solutions to fit the entire fleet of aircraft owned by Avcon Jet. The agreement provides for all products in the SD Xperience portfolio, delivering everything Avcon requires to get its fleet connected.

SD will also support a completely integrated and highly customized hardware upgrade roadmap for Avcon Jet. This will ensure every aircraft is equipped with the best connectivity tools for its purpose, with a mind to budgetary planning going forward.

The company is also integrating third party trip planning and other useful software into the SD Pro platform; a task performed easily thanks to the open architecture of is systems.

Satcom Direct Snags Exclusive Deal With Avcon Jet For Fleet Wide Connectivity
The SD Pro platform’s open architecture has allowed Satcom Direct to integrate third-party apps. Photo: Satcom Direct

Michael Skou Christensen, Satcom Direct VP International, further commented,

“Providing customized solutions that adapt to a growing and changing fleet delivers tangible value to operators. As the preferred connectivity services supplier to Avcon Jet, we can better serve their needs, whether it be providing hardware and software connectivity packages, upgrading cabin systems, enhancing cybersecurity, or simply providing assistance through our customer support team. The ability to synchronize the flight operations of each aircraft will reduce workload and make life easier for Avcon Jet, its customers, and crews.”

Avcon Jet launched in 2007 with just one aircraft but quickly built its fleet. By 2007, it operated 12 aircraft from its base at Vienna International Airport. Today, it has more than 70 aircraft and over 400 employees, with planes ranging from small Cessna to the Embraer ERJ-145. Their partnership with SD should ensure the entire fleet is fit for the future.