Satcom Direct To Run Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

Satcom Direct (SD), a provider of business aviation solutions, is launching a new webinar series to ensure customers remain informed and updated about all SD news and views. The webinars aim to inform stakeholders of the latest SD updates and product enhancements. Content developed for these events is in direct response to customer queries and information requests.

Satcom Direct To Run Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series
Satcom Direct is launching a series of webinars. Photo: Satcom Direct

Details of the webinars

The agendas incorporate themes that are relevant and essential for effective management of flight operations and aim to improve customer understanding of the extensive SD Xperience portfolio. Each webinar will also detail how to maximize new and existing products in dynamic, unpredictable operating environments to manage evolving situations effectively.

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The first four workshops are scheduled as follows:

  • 21 April, 13:00 UTC – SD Connectivity: detailing network and service updates along with SD partner information.
  • 05 May, 13:00 UTC – SD Hardware: updates on router, modem and antenna products and how best to select and optimize them.
  • 19 May, 13:00 UTC – FlightDeck Freedom®: latest on datalink services supporting mandatory requirements for the flight deck.
  • 02 June, 13:00 UTC – SD PostFlight and SD Pro®: updates on platform functionality and optional third-party integration.

The one-hour webinars will be delivered online to registered SD clients by an SD subject matter expert. Materials will be conveyed through presentations, graphics, and interactive tools. The topics are designed to stimulate participation and discussion while allowing customers to address individual needs and queries. For customers unable to participate, the webinars will be available for review through the SD Learning Management System (LMS) portal after each workshop.

Satcom Direct To Run Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series
The webinars will provide the ideal way to stay updated during lockdown restrictions. Photo: Satcom Direct

The perfect format for lockdown

The webinars have been initiated in response to the restrictions on meetings, events and travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SD President of Business Aviation, Chris Moore, commented on the plans, telling Simple Flying,

“While we can’t meet face to face, the webinars are the perfect platform to provide our customers across the globe with enhanced knowledge of our products. Our business is based on the premise of keeping people connected. Industry education, certified training and award-winning customer service sit at the core of our service philosophy.

“The webinars are an extension of this, and while inspired by our current operating environment, we anticipate that the webinar series will continue in the future. The speed of development in this sector is rapid and the webinars will make sharing the latest data and knowledge even more convenient.”

To register for the webinars, please visit: