Can Saudia Compete With The Middle East Big 3 Carriers?

It is well known among frequent travelers that Middle Eastern airlines Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar provide some of the best inflight service of any carriers in the world. These airlines are known as the big three Middle Eastern airlines (ME3). Today we’re going to look at another Middle Eastern airline, Saudia, and dive into the question “can Saudia compete with the Middle East 3”?

A Saudia Boeing 787. Photo: Wikimedia, edited by Simple Flying.

In addition to helping passengers recover their forgotten babies, Saudia is the flag carrier for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is the largest airline in the country. The airline is also a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

The carrier has made some progress recently in terms of inflight offerings and first class product. In fact, Pax International gave Saudia the award of “Best Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity” and “Best First Class Amenity Kit — Middle East” this year.


Saudia has added more than 1000 entertainment hours to its lineup, according to its website. The carrier also introduced a “free onboard messaging plan”, available on 104 of their aircraft. This plan provides free messaging on five popular applications (up to 10MBs). These apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WeChat, and Instagram chat.

Saudia is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The airline also reports that, since January, seven of its aircraft have been refurbished to include new seatback TV screens. These new aircraft are operating on routes from Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Milan, and Rome.

The Saudia fleet

The Saudia fleet are comprised of 148 aircraft with multiple manufacturers. 95 of the fleet are Airbus planes: 48 A330s, 32 A320s and 15 A321s. The remaining 63 are Boeing aircraft: 56 B777s and 7 B787s. However, there have been talks of fleet and route expansion by Saudia leadership.


According to Air Transport World, Saudia CEO Jaan Albrecht says the carrier is evaluating a major widebody order within the next six months. This order could be either Airbus A350s or Boeing 787s. Albrecht also said his airline is considering new long-haul routes to North America. This expansion would certainly propel the company forward in competing with the ME3.

A Saudia Boeing 777 Photo: Flickr user airlines470

The potential for Jeddah

According to an Arab News article, Jeddah has been expanding King Abdulaziz International Airport recently. The airport claims to have the ability to handle up to 80 million passengers per year when it becomes fully operational. For comparison, this is similar to the passenger traffic that London Heathrow experienced in 2018.

Jeddah is a major port city on the Red Sea and a gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Plans are in place to be connect these holy cities via a Haramain high-speed rail project later this year. As Muslim pilgrims from all over the world travel to these cities, any infrastructure investments will be put to good use.

Boeing’s senior managing director of market analysis for commercial airplanes, Darren Hulst, spoke to Arab News about the benefits Jeddah’s would have as an international hub:

“Saudi Arabia has got a similar geography (to other Gulf hubs) but a bigger local market, so there’s definitely a lot of potential still be to realized…If you have a local destination market that you can use as a base, it means your hub can be even more value.”

A Saudia Boeing 787 Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Room for improvement

Aircraft improvements and a major airport expansion are solid steps towards competing with other airlines in the region. However, it’s clear that more needs to change in terms of the Saudia passenger experience. Below we see the SkyTrax ratings for the airline, which don’t look all that great.

Saudia’s current customer rankings on SkyTrax Photo: SkyTrax

In fact, for 2018, Saudia was ranked 52nd on a list of the World’s 100 Top Airlines. Down from 51 in 2017. One reviewer from the website has a clear opinion on whether Saudia can compete with the ME3:

Worst airline ever. Worst and filthiest airport (Jeddah) on planet Earth – I’ve seen cleaner pigsties. This airline cannot even remotely compete with the likes of Emirates or Qatar.
– D Norton (Switzerland)


It’s clear that Saudia is making some great leaps in improving its passenger service. The prospect of a fleet expansion and renewal will also allow it to better compete with its Middle Eastern rivals. However, based on current customer experience, there is still a long way to go.

Have you ever flown Saudia? What was your experience like? Let us know if you could ever see this airline competing with the likes of Emirates, Etihad, or Qatar!


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Captain Tsubasa

Not in dreams they can’t compete and just not the airline Saudia but they need to modernize their airports and most important they need to civilize their immigration officers.


No, it is really hostile towards tourists(except muslims).
Till they government will change this. Then there is no way to reach the big three.
Maybe if they will be really cheap. Some low cost version of big three, but with the same services:)

David T

I read in one of the blogs, perhaps OMMAT that they do serve decent portions of Caviar. Anyone comment on that?


No way, its not tourist friendly, the rules of Saudi Arabia take effect on the plane and in the airport, it would not be looked upon well by Westerners due to these rules

Adam Simmons

On my way to India, I flew into Riyadh airport, which was bright, clean, airy and had a smoking room! In the way back, though, our transit point was Jeddah and the Saudi terminal, by contrast, was vile. I have encountered better airports in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Muhammad Tariq

I have travelled from Johannesburg to jeddah and the pakistan 3 time during last five year in business class but unfortunately business class has most worst seating system in the world.I dont know what type of business class offered by Saudia airline. Saudia air line need to improve seating system in business class.Also at Jeddah most rude and disgusting behaviour of ground staff at Jeddah air port


I fly almost 10 times a year to saudia Arabia every year… I used to take British airways even Lufthansa but since 2017 I only fly with SAUDIA. They really improved the service. It’s always brand new 777 ( from Paris or London) or A320 with entertainment system from Frankfurt… I have nothing to complain with aircrafts ( better than any European airline) however Jeddah airport is probably the worst airport in the world… the new terminal should open in December for international flights and I really can’t wait for it…. Of course they still need to improve a few… Read more »

Madam Milton

Compete with the likes of Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and Oman Air? I don’t think so. They are still long long long way to go. Although they had modern fleet but it didn’t do justice for them.