How To Always Save Money On Booking Flights


As a Simple Flying reader, it’s almost a given that you love to travel as much as we do. Well, if you’re thinking about booking a flight or holiday anywhere in the world, you have to check out Mighty Travels Premium, an easy to use, intuitive platform that almost always saves money on bookings.

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Mighty Travels Premium offers an easier way to take the flight of a lifetime. Photo: Cathay Pacific

Experienced travelers will undoubtedly be confident in their ability to find great deals independently, but it’s always worth having a check. In fact, if you’re a little bit flexible with your dates, Mighty Travels can undercut other offers pretty consistently. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Mighty Travels Premium?

Mighty Travels Premium has been set up to take the stress out of finding the best deals on hotels and flights. The online tool searches more than 127,000 hotels and more than a million airline routes to weed out the best deals out there.

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What sort of traveler are you?

The software searches across the settings that the user defines. This can be by typical search parameters such as destination, airport or fare class, but also includes filters not seen elsewhere, such as searching by alliance or for a particular miles earning level.

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How does it work?

There are two main ways to use Mighty Travels Premium. First, you can set up automatic alerts, which will notify you of any error fares or hot deals as they pop up. In this area, you can set up all sorts of handy filters, such as which class you want to travel in and how often you want to be notified.


You can select the airports that you’d prefer to travel from also, or simply select the region of the world in which you want to start your travels. There’s a similar destination filter for where you want to go, selected by airport or region of the world. There’s no limit to the number of airport codes you can enter in these boxes, and the tool will search within a 40 mile radius too, so if there’s a great deal going to an obscure regional airport, you’ll still get notified.

The final alert option is really clever. The Mighty Travels software automatically populates the table with your last 10 searches done in the dashboard. From here, you can select to receive alerts on matching deals twice a day or instantly, if you prefer.


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The dashboard

Now, the dashboard is where the fun really starts. Here, you can get instant results on thousands of different options, selecting from fare class, departure airport (by airport and radius, country or region) as well as your arrival airport (also by radius, country or region).

More filtering is possible too. In fact, there’s a whole lot of slick targeting your can do if you’re looking for something in particular. For example, you can search by a specific airline, or airline alliance. For those points chasers, it’s possible to even set maximum and minimum miles for your trip. And, halleluiah, you can even filter out every single low cost carrier, so you can be sure of traveling full service.


Of course there are parameters you can set for price and CPM, and if you only travel five star (get you!) you can even select the Skytrax Rating. Or, you can go ahead and leave everything blank and see where that takes you!

Amazing results

Getting the results of the search is a bit like opening a whole bunch of Christmas presents when it’s only December 1st. The website defaults to ordering results by the hottest deal, but you can change that if you wish. Sort the findings by alphabetical order of the code, city, region or airline, or even better, sort by price, miles or the date the deal was found.

This means you can instantly find the best deal that’s right for you. If you’re a bargain-basement traveler looking for a cheap deal to anywhere, simply set the region or country you want to travel from, set economy and sort by price (lowest first). Me; I found a round trip with British Airways to Mallorca from London for $70!


Of course, if you’re looking for a touch of luxury and want a long trip in business, filtering by that class and ordering by deal score will bring the best offers to the top. London to Amritsar on Qatar for under $2,000 round trip? Yes please!

Those on a shoestring but desperate to experience the premium cabin can do so too. Simply order your search by lowest price first, and you’ll reveal business class trips for super affordable fares.

I love that you can search by region, both for departure and arrival, so all those hard to find business class deals come up. For less than $1,500 in business class to Bangkok, I’ll happily endure an LCC to Stockholm to start my trip!

Spot a deal you like? Then everything else you need to know is contained within the page. From baggage allowance to mileage earned (divided up by partners, no less), all that remains is to follow the link and book a brilliant flight.

The bottom line

Mighty Travels Premium is really a great resource for anyone who loves to jet about from time to time. If you’re a lover of business class luxury, I can’t imagine a better way to find bargain fares on the best airlines. And, of course, if you’re chasing status with a particular alliance or airline, the software makes it easy to home in on the trips that will earn the most.

What’s even better is the ability to check out thousands of deals in an instant, at any time. No waiting for the site to send you a deals newsletter, with days old deals that have already sold out. Mighty Travels Premium puts the power in your hands to find the perfect trip.

The site claims that just one deal will save subscribers a minimum of $190, and I can completely believe that. Access is paywalled, but a subscription costs from just $4.81 a month, which is a great investment you’ll make back many times over with just one booking.

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