Chaos As Amsterdam’s Airport Is Unable To Fuel Aircraft

Chaos ensued at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport today as they were unable to fuel aircraft. The issue led to a large number of flights being cancelled as they could not receive fuel.

Amsterdam Fuel Crisis
There was chaos at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport today as flights were cancelled due to fuel supply issues. Photo via Pixabay

Fuel is obviously an essential component of flight. Without fuel, the engines cannot turn, and without power from the engines, the aircraft will not fly. As such, when aircraft were unable to obtain fuel at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport earlier today, many flights ended up cancelled. Three months ago, Simple Flying reported that similar trouble was brewing in Portugal, where an airport was hours from running out of fuel.

Delays and cancellations

The fuel issue at Schipol Airport caused a whole host of flight delays and cancellations. According to data from, 64% of departures were cancelled, and 20% were delayed as a result of the fuel crisis. Additionally, the airport was suffering from an average delay of 35 minutes for those who were able to refuel.

The delay caused a fair amount of unhappiness from passengers:

Featured Video:

However, some people saw the bright side of the situation:

What happened?

Amsterdam Schipol Airport‘s operators released a statement to passengers which read the following:

Due to a fault in Aircraft Fuel Supply’s system, a third-party company that controls aircraft fuel supply, planes at Schiphol couldn’t be refuelled today. This may caused that your flight has been delayed or cancelled by your airline.

What now?

Since the incident that caused chaos earlier, the fuel supply system at Schipol has been restored. As such, it is now possible to refuel aircraft, enabling them to depart. I would imagine that the airport is prioritising flights which are due to leave, as opposed to those cancelled.

Amsterdam fuel supply
The airport’s fuel supply has now been restored. Photo: Amin via Wikipedia

Any flights which have been cancelled will not depart tonight. Hopefully, they can depart tomorrow, or passengers can be rebooked onto alternate flights. There will likely be some residual delay to services as the schedule recovers.

Were you affected by the Amsterdam Airport fuel crisis? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Was I affected?! Ah, yeah. KLM & Airport in general was/is horrible! Spending the night here was like sleeping in an abandoned building. Thank Goodness I don’t have small children w/ me. There were plenty of crying babies, infirm and elderly people left to fend for themselves without a shred of information on flight schedules etc. No one, no airline personnel to be found anywhere, guess they all went into Amsterdam for a night on the town…It is still sheer anarchy here. The ticket desk at Klm has been surrounded by thousands of desperate, stranded people since 2am. The crowd swelled to twice it’s size by 6am and still KLM apparently slumbered. It doesn’t appear that anyone is being attended to still. No, I know it’s not like they don’t care, but, it sure feels that way. This fuel crisis was very poorly handled by Airport officials & KLM. I think I would have felt they cared if they would’ve brought in a few cases of water for the stranded people.

  2. Title picture is of Fuel Truck in ZRH 🙂
    slightly confused when I saw the Edelweiss AC, perhaps change it since the subject matter is purely AMS?

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