Scoot Passenger Was Thirsty So Was Given Ice And Told To Watch It Melt

This week’s bizarre and crazy story involves Scoot, the low-cost Singaporean airline. A passenger who was on a delayed flight alleges that after asking for water, he was served a glass of ice, and told to wait for it to melt. This seems particularly drastic, especially seeing as water is a basic human necessity. However, Ryanair has reportedly forced staff to pay for water while working before. The airline reportedly refused to offer the man involved tap water, stating the choice was paying for a bottle, or receiving ice.

Scoot is a low-cost carrier based out of Singapore. Photo: Airbus

How The Incident Unfolded

The incident reportedly unfolded on a Scoot Airlines flight from Singapore to Osaka. The flight was delayed, causing a gentleman called Gene Goh to ask for some plain water. This is when Mr Goh was reportedly asked to pay for a bottle of water. The passenger then declined, instead asking for tap water. This is when staff onboard reportedly gave Mr Goh a glass of ice and told him to wait for it to melt.

“I was given a cup of ice and was told to wait for the ice to melt.”

The flight, TGW700 was due to depart Singapore for Osaka at 0945 local time, however, due to a delay on the ground, the flight did not depart until 1230, 2 hours and 45 minutes later. The flight ended up landing in Osaka around two hours late.


There were mixed reactions online to Mr Goh’s plight for water. Some were sympathetic, while others told the passenger to quit complaining. The negative comments focused on the fact that Mr Goh was still catered for, pointing out that tap water typically is not pottable onboard aircraft. “At least they were kind enough to give you ice for free. Besides, tap water in the plane is not drinkable. Imagine they gave it to you, you drank and suffered food poisoning.” While another passenger commented, “You can afford [a] flight ticket to Japan but can’t afford water”.

Mr Goh’s glass of ice. Photo: Gene Goh

On the other hand, others commenting recognised the need for fresh water. “Drinking water is a basic necessity and when you need to drink, you need to drink. Yes, it is a budget flight and you are expected to pay for food and drinks… but in the event of [a] delay, the company should shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the minimal welfare of its passengers.”

In the EU, airlines are required to provide complimentary refreshments for passengers when flights are delayed for over three hours. This is a luxury that often isn’t extended to non-EU flights, however, one could note that this flight was not even delayed for 3 hours. At least the passenger wasn’t travelling with Ryanair who might’ve charged €5 for the ice!

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