Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A319 Fuselage And Tires Damaged On Landing

A Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A319-100 suffered damaged tires and fuselage while landing in Pan Zhi Hua, China, on October 16th. The was flying from Xi’an Xianyang International before landing at Pan Zhi Hua’s Bao’anying Airport when the incident happened.

Shenzhen A319
There was an unexpected event at Pan Zhi Hua when a Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A319 landed. Photo: byeangel via Wikimedia Commons

A domestic operation

The Aviation Herald, reports that the aircraft held registration number B-8667 and was conducting flight ZH-9247. After that, the jet was taxied to the apron, where travelers disembarked with no issue. However, an inspection after the flight showed that there were punctured tires.

According to The Aviation Herald, Shenzhen Airlines states that the A319 received main tire damage on landing. This factor prevented further dispatch. Subsequently, the returning service was canceled. Therefore, those expecting to fly back to Xian were rebooked on the following day’s flight. They also were given accommodation for the night.

Shenzhen Airlines A319
Shenzhen Airlines currently holds eight Airbus A319 aircraft within its fleet. Photo: Micah Sittig via Wikimedia Commons

Subsequent findings

The report alleges that an inspection at the airport found six approach lights, and a localizer antenna on the opposite runway was damaged. Moreover, the plane had damage to the main landing tires and its aft belly.

However, the hub has informed local newspapers that it has not been notified about any equipment damage at the airport and that the hub continued to operate normally. Nonetheless, succeeding flights had to be canceled or diverted because of severe weather. Harsh conditions are common in the area due to its hilltop positioning.

Shenzhen Airbus A319
A 2006 image showing a Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A319 in the carrier’s old livery. Photo: Windmemories via Wikimedia Commons

There are no available NOTAMs or weather data for the airport. However, it is known that the hub’s runway 02/20 is 2,800 meters (9,190 feet) long and has ILS. There is also approach lighting for for both runways.

Nonetheless, China’s Civil Aviation Authority have now opened an investigation into the incident. Further inspection found significant damage to the A319.

More on the aircraft

According to, registration B-8667 arrived at Shenzhen Airlines in October 2017 and holds configuration C8Y120. This A319 is just over three years old and is currently on lease by the operator.

Along with eight Airbus A319s, Shenzhen Airlines also holds 91 A320s and six A330s. The carrier also has 86 Boeing 737 aircraft within its fleet.

Shenzhen A320
Shenzhen Airlines is a fan of the Airbus A320 family, operating both the A319 and A320 variants of the type. Photo: user:STB-1 via Wikimedia Commons

Simple Flying reached out to Shenzhen Airlines for comment on this incident in Pan Zhi Hua but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements from the carrier.

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