Significant Downgrade: LOT Leases EuroAtlantic 767 To Replace 787-8 Operations

In the never ending saga of leases due to the ongoing B787 Trent engine issues, LOT is to lease a EuroAtlantic 767.

The past few months we’ve seen a number of aircraft step in to cover for B787 aircraft that are out of action. First, Norwegian leased HiFly’s A380, then British Airways leased AirBelgium’s A340. Finally Norwegian began leasing an aircraft from Wamos. At the time we wrote how Norwegian passengers risked flying on a two star airline. Thinks look ever worse for LOT passengers flying to Chicago and New York from Budapest.

LOT 787
LOT typically operates a B787 on its Budapest to New York and Chicago routes. Photo: LOT

About EuroAtlantic

Based out of Lisbon, EuroAtlantic is an aviation company specialising in aircraft leasing. The airline generally gets pretty poor reviews online. This is not hard to believe as the livery EuroAtlantic use looks like it was made in Microsoft Word. Despite the business class seating offering lie flat beds, the economy class section of the airplanes look significantly less comfortable.

Euro Atlantic owns 6 B767 aircraft. While 4 of these are economy only, 2 feature 16 business class seats each. During the course of the lease agreement, LOT will be utilising the two with business class seating. This means that LOT’s Premium Economy product is not available on the flight, with the website reflecting this fact.

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EuroAtlantic's stunning B767 livery.
EuroAtlantic’s stunning B767 livery.

Poor Reviews

EuroAtlantic has had some fairly poor reviews online, scoring 2/10 in SkyTrax user ratings. SkyTrax has not yet rated the airline themselves. The airline appears to preform pretty poorly across the board in these ratings, however, their seat comfort rating is much lower than all of their other ratings.

One passenger reviewing the airline wrote “I paid for a quality airline (LOT Polish) and I got cheated into a low price charter serviced by an inexperienced crew from euroAtlantic Airways.” Before going on to add “Food was awful. We chose LOT airlines for the food and on-board service; we got low end of European airlines with euroAtlantic. Bottom line: you didn’t get what you paid for.” In addition, other reviews carry title such as “plane was in a terrible condition” and “worst flight ever experienced”

How Can I Avoid A EuroAtlantic 767?

With reviews saying “[if] you ever get a choice, stay away”, you may be wondering how to do just that. While nobody can ever guarantee that a specific aircraft will operate a flight, you can give yourself a good chance. The aircraft are currently scheduled to fly two routes. Budapest to New York, and Budapest to Chicago. Both have already commenced with Budapest to New York operating four times a week until 30th December. The Chicago flights are operating two times a week until 29th December.

LOT Screenshot
Checking flight information will show that the flight is operated by EuroAtlantic. Image: LOT

In addition to seeing if you are flying an affected route during the affected days, LOT should also inform you if you are flying with EuroAtlantic. At the time of writing, tickets were available for a EuroAtlantic operated flight, however, this was noted in the booking process upon further inspection.

  1. Flew EuroAtlantic on a LOT ticket towards the end of October BUD to JFK.
    Pretty poor experience.
    The seat width in Economy was the tightest I have ever experienced.
    Not a surprise, since all other Boeing 767 metal I had ever flown had a 2-3-2, but the arrangement in the main cabin of EuroAtlantic is 2-4-2.
    Monitor froze a few minutes into the flight. Ask attendant to fix it. She poked the screen twice, no effect. Then she walked away w/o saying a word.
    Crew pays little attention to safety. Not saying anything about large bags in front of passengers fhat are not pushed under the seat in the front. Not requiring seatbacks upright for landing/takeoff.
    Close to landing the crew was busy only with changing from “work” clothes into street clothes.

  2. I’ve booked LOT-tickets for April 2019 on both the WAW-JFK route (where a A330 operates at the moment) as well as the BUD-ORD route. Both currently show a 787-9 and 787-8 respectively will be operating at that time. Is there any way to know what kind of maintenance, upgrade,… whatever, it is LOT’s 787s are currently undergoing? I assume it’s the issue with the Trend 1000 engines, are the engines just getting a fix/upgrade or are they being completely replaced?

  3. This issue of RR engined 787 is getting serious. Flown last year on a wamos 747 instead of a Latam Dreamliner. Pretty awful, felt cheated. That queen of the skies was old, noisy, quite dirty, uncomfortable seats, prehistoric entertainment system. As an enthusiast, flying on 747 did not feel special at all. Just a very old plane which should as best be used as a freighter

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