Silverstone Air Fokker Skids Off Runaway In Nairobi

A Fokker 50 registered as 5Y-IZO has come off of a runway in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The incident happened on Friday morning at Wilson Airport.

Silverstone Air, Fokker 50, Crash
A Silverstone Air Fokker 50 crashed in Kenya this morning. Photo: Silverstone Air via Twitter

Thankfully nobody was injured when a Fokker 50 skidded off of the runway at Wilson Airport according to initial reports. However, reports suggest that part of the wing had been broken off. The incident occurred on the first flight of a four-leg trip to Lamu and back via Mombasa. The airline reports that all passengers and crew were safely removed from the aircraft following the accident.

Dramatic runway excursion

The FAA describes a runway excursion as “a veer off or overrun from the runway surface (ICAO). These surface events occur while an aircraft is taking off or landing, and involve many factors ranging from unstable approaches to the condition of the runway.”

This appears to be exactly what happened in this case. While the initial details are sketchy, reports suggest that the flight experienced some issues in the takeoff phase of the flight. It was not immediately clear to Simple Flying whether the aircraft managed to get airborne at any point.

Everybody okay

Initial reports have suggested that, apart from the damage to the aircraft, everything was okay. The airline additionally confirmed in a statement that everybody had survived the incident and disembarked the aircraft. However, it looks as though the aircraft was not so lucky. A photo shared of the high winged aircraft appeared to show it leaning heavily to the right.

The aircraft had been about to embark on the first of four legs from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. The route would have seen the aircraft taking off from Wilson flying to Mombasa. From Mombasa, it would have flown to Lamu. It would then have flown from Lamu back to Mombasa, then on to its origin of Wilson.

In a statement shared on Twitter the airline said: “We can confirm that our Fokker 50, 5Y-IZO has had an incident while taking off at Wilson Airport at 09:00am this morning. [T]he aircraft was operating the Wilson – Mombasa – Lamu – Mombasa – Wilson route.”

Silverstone Air, Fokker 50, Crash
All passengers and crew disembarked the aircraft safely. Photo: Silverstone Air via Twitter

It went on to add: “The passengers and crew have all be safely disembarked and we are currently working with the relevant authorities to assess the situation. We thank the emergency services at Wilson Airport for their quick response and cooperation.”

While the aircraft is likely going to be written off, Delta Air Lines recently flew a Boeing 757 thought to be damaged beyond repair back to the United States.

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