Simple Flying Turns 3! A Look Back At The Past Year

This week Simple Flying is celebrating its third birthday. The publication was launched in July 2018, and it’s hard to believe just how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator, Simulator
Simple Flying is celebrating three years of reporting aviation news. Image: Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot

The past year has been one of turmoil for the aviation industry, and our goal has been to keep you informed of what’s been going on. Thankfully, as the industry begins the long road to recovery, we’re now in the position of reporting many more positive stories.

As a website, we have lots planned, although we’re not quite ready to give away the details yet, so keep your eyes peeled! To mark the occasion of our third birthday, a few members of the team reflected on their favorite stories,

Joanna Bailey – Managing Editor

“This story is my favorite because, until an Aliansa DC-3 had a runway excursion in Colombia, I had no idea ANY DC-3s were still flying passenger services. But there are actually loads – 172 when I did my research – and that gives me hope I might get to fly on one someday.”

How Many DC-3 Are Still Flying?


Tom Boon – Content Manager

“For me, my favorite story was covering one of the final Lufthansa Airbus A380 departures from Frankfurt Airport. Living so close to the airport, I was able to cycle down and capture exclusive images of the aircraft departing, and it was bittersweet seeing the aircraft waving its wings on departure as one final goodbye.”

Then There Were 2: Lufthansa Operates Final A380 Storage Flight


Lufthansa, Airbus A380, Long Term Storage
A final goodbye from a Lufthansa Airbus A380. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Sumit Singh – Deputy Editor

“I would say this is my favorite article that I’ve written as I really enjoyed the conversation with Comlux Aviation CEO Andrea Zanetto about numerous crucial aspects of the industry. I loved taking a topic that I covered when I first started at Simple Flying – the prospects of the A380 as a private jet – and asking a key figure about the subject. It was interesting to hear his insights, and as a result, the response to the article was great with several readers debating in the comments. I found this piece to have a nice balance overall.”

Why The Airbus A380 Doesn’t Work As A Private Jet


Jay Singh – Deputy Content Manager

“This article was my favorite in large part because, in my mind, it was the start of the post-covid atmosphere in airlines. This was a chance to do a multi-week, data-driven research story that focused on an airline adapting to the growing consumer base and demand for flying domestically, while also managing the competitive marketplace. It was a multi-faceted story that really was a joy to write only a couple of weeks before I actually got to experience it myself”

Delta Air Lines Has Upgraded JFK To LAX Flights – Will It Stay?


Jake Hardiman – Innovation Lead

“My favorite story was my piece on the life of Niki Lauda and his various airlines. I’m a big motorsport fan, so it was fascinating to research and write about his life and career, both on the racetrack and the runway, as it allowed me to fuse my passion for Formula One and aviation.”

From The Racetrack To The Runway: Niki Lauda And His Airlines


Niki Lauda Airbus A320
Lauda poses with an Airbus A320, one of two operated by his second airline ‘Niki,’ in 2003. Photo: Getty Images

James Pearson – Routes Analyst

“The pandemic has seen many things happen, including a huge – and quite inevitable – shift away from four-engine and often older and less fuel-efficient aircraft. While newer, the A380 has not been spared, yet British Airways has remained committed to it. Using data from RDC Aviation, this article goes under the surface – always exciting – by showing how much it costs BA to operate the aircraft to Los Angeles.”

How Much Does It Cost BA To Fly An Airbus A380 to Los Angeles?


What was your favorite story from the past year? Let us know in the comments below!