Simple Flying Mobile App – Download Today!

We have recently updated the Simple Flying mobile app! We’re super excited about it and would love for you to download it today.

The app is available on both iOS and Android! 

App features:

  • Read all of our articles directly on your phone.
  • Receive notifications for breaking stories.
  • Save articles for offline reading.
  • Comment on articles and engage with other readers.

Download the app now:



iOS download and Android download.

Thanks for your support!

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Great app. Big compliments!

Nathaniel Henzel

Hi Simple Flying staff! I love the app and all the articles

Nathaniel Henzel

My question is that I have only ever had access to you through the Android app. My most recent update is November 29th. Is there a more recent one Google hasn't provided me with? I have been in love with this since I downloaded it. You have replaced social media… Read more »


Does it have a dark mode?

Farhan Nazar

To be honest, the app is rather simplistic in its current form. It works fine as is but things like the website's region tab will be welcome when an update comes, still appreciate the dedication of the staff to make this app a thing though so many thanks to the… Read more »


Yeah, you have a fascinating website — my love of aviation goes back to B-17s in Great Britain in the 1940s. I love the breadth and depth of your features. Too long to detail here, but I was Manager of Publicity for Continental Airlines where I worked 1972-1982. BTW, to… Read more »


Wow I like this app