Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 Business Review

As part of my two-leg journey to the lovely destination of Bali, Indonesia, I got the chance to sample Singapore’s Boeing 787-10 business class. This would be radically different from the Airbus A350 business class as it was actually designed for short-to-medium haul flights with a denser configuration and more compact design. But was it any good? Let’s find out.

The very small business class seat on Singapore’s 787-10. Photo: Simple Flying

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Unlike the Airbus A350 in Dusseldorf, boarding the Boeing 787-10 was a much better experience. Business-class passengers were invited to board first (after those in wheelchairs, which, as you will know, in the past I’ve had to do) and directed to our own private gangway. The Boeing 787-10 boarded business through the first left-hand door, and then economy through the second left-hand door.

Through the door, two cabin crew were ready to direct passengers to their seats and help them put their items away. Carrying a heavy winter coat from my time in Poland, they offered to take it off my hands and promised to return it to me before we landed on our three-hour flight.

The seat

The business cabin onboard the 787-10 is a 1-2-1 configuration, with alternative herringbone seats to allow for each to be a fully lie-flat bed. Online the seats are listed as 60 inches of pitch and are 30 inches wide.

The seat. Photo: Simple Flying

The walls that divide the seat are actually quite high and having a seat closer to the fuselage by the window (rather than offset towards the aisle) made me feel very cozy.

The cabin with the alternating seats. Photo: Simple Flying

Putting the bed into sleep mode, I found the space to become very claustrophobic and made me feel a little suffocated. However, the bed turned out to be a little more comfortable than the Airbus A350 design. The footwell was wide and allowed me to stretch out and not have to awkwardly shift my feet to the side. That being said, as a six-foot-tall man the seat was almost too small. I’d hate to be a few inches taller and not be able to completely relax.

The legroom. Photo: Simple Flying

The flight experience

It was no surprise that the inflight service was excellent, with the Singapore cabin crew addressing me by surname and offering to help me as much as possible.

Before my flight, I chose to pre-select my meal going for a Chia Pudding as my main. I got served well before my other passengers (a unique advantage of the ‘Book The Cook’ option) to many jealous eyes. However, upon digging into the meal I found it to be a little lackluster and not as good tasting as I’d hoped.

It was fine but had I actually paid for this meal in a restaurant I would not have returned. I was not served any other items during my trip apart from a drink refreshment. And unlike the A350, there was no option to order food on demand.

Breakfast is served. Photo: Simple Flying

I found that the entertainment system was a bit more responsive and operated better on the 787-10 than the A350. This obviously doesn’t make too much sense as they should be the same system but for whatever reason, the 787-10 was quicker and responded much better to my commands. Likewise, the screen is actually a touch screen and I was not embarrassed like on my last leg.

The control panel. Photo: Simple Flying

There was no amenity kit given out, unlike the socks, eyeshade, and slippers on the last overnight flight. This one only gave me a pillow and a blanket. It was a little disappointing.

Overall impressions

Overall, I would say that it’s impressive that Singapore has been able to do so much with the small space of each seat. Despite feeling a little claustrophobic, the seats are well designed and actually felt better than the A350. The service by the cabin crew was excellent and I felt very well looked after.

Oh, and yes, the flight attendants did return my coat to me before we landed.

What did you think of Singapore’s 787-10 business class? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments.