Singapore Airlines’ A380 Restaurant Has More Dates Added

The first tickets for Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 dining experience sold out within half an hour of being released. Aviation enthusiasts and foodies who missed out on snagging one the first time around are sure to be delighted by the news that the airline has now added more dates to its superjumbo dining experience.

Singapore airlines adds more dates to A380 restaurant experience
Singapore Airlines has added more dates to its superjumbo restaurant experience. Photo: Getty Images

Two more dates, six more seatings

Initially planned for two days only, October 24th and 25th, the unique A380 restaurant has now been extended to an additional weekend. The new dates are Saturday, October 31st, and Sunday, November 1st.

More than that, six additional seatings are now being offered across all four dates for the Restaurant A380@Changi, onboard two of Singapore’s A380s parked at Changi Aiport for hungry customers nostalgic for a tray-table. A three-hour dinner seating starting at 19:00 has been added to the entire schedule, which was previously only taking bookings for a 12:00 to 15.00 slot for lunchtime.

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Social distancing for 3,000 more seats

The carrier has announced that, in order to comply with the city-state’s regulations on social distancing, approximately only half of the aircraft’s seats would be made available. Furthermore, only individuals booking together will be seated next to each other.

This means that, with each aircraft seating approximately 235 passengers, or rather, diners, close to 3,000 extra seats have now been released. That’s a significant increase from the original 900.

When sales for the tickets for the first dates opened at midnight on Monday, they sold out in 26 minutes. A waiting list was set up for those still trying to purchase seats on the on-ground food-centric flight, but it was later closed.

It is still unclear exactly when the tickets for the new date will be released. Simple Flying has contacted Singapore Airlines for clarification but was yet to receive a reply at the time of publication.

A380 restaurant
Approximately 3,000 seats have been added. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Range of pricing

As far as we can tell, pricing remains the same for the experience. Customers pay a very reasonable SG$50 ($37) per person in economy. While the food at that price may not reach new culinary heights, the uniqueness of the experience will surely be satisfying enough.

For premium economy, the price is SG$90 ($66) per person. Considering the session will last for three hours, the extra money could be a nice investment in comfort.

Meanwhile, the more premium segments are a significant step up. Seats in the business and first class sections of the restaurant will set you back SG$300 ($220) and SG$600 ($440), respectively.

However, according to Singapore’s website, members of its frequent-flier program, KrisFlyer, can redeem miles when booking the special experience. Perhaps now would be a good time to finally get that upgrade?

The menu will feature international dishes as well as dishes from Singapore’s Peranakan menu, specially designed for the superjumbo pop-up restaurant by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee.

A380 restaurant
KrisFlyer members can redeem miles for dining tickets. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Every little bit helps

All of Singapore Airlines‘ 19 Airbus A380s are currently listed as parked. The carrier, specializing in long-haul transit passengers via Singapore Changi Airport and without domestic routes, reported its first loss in 48 years for the first quarter. With international travel far away from rebounding, the success of its pop-up plane-dining concept may turn it into a regular feature.

Would you dine on a stationary plane on the ground? Perhaps you are even one of the lucky diners who managed to book a seat on Singapore’s A380? Let us know in the comments!