Flying Singapore Airlines’ $12,500 First Class Suite

The Singapore Airlines First Class Apartment, considered by many to be the best first class seat in the sky. I have flown some of the best business and first class experiences such as Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qantas and even Singapore on business class, but have experienced nothing like this.

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite Seat. Photo: Jayson Deck

I’m writing to you from the first class suite, with my feet up on the separate bed while watching a 40+ inch TV and drinking a 20 year aged Port. Life is pretty good right now…

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The Suite

But first, let’s talk about the experience. I chose seat 1A since the 1A and 1F are the largest. The seat is made from comfortable and stylish grey leather. The word ‘suite’ is a more accurate description than ‘seat’ but words and pictures struggle to capture the size, style, food and overall experience.

So much space! Singapore Airlines a380 First Class. Photo: Jayson Deck

The seat swivels nearly 360 so you can face the bed, TV, table or front seat for take off.

The seat itself has the chair moving gadgets and the tv controls. The chair folds out into a recliner as well.  The huge TV (maybe 40 inches) even moves, so you can always have a perfect view in any position you chose to sit or lay. There is a remote and even a separate tablet to control the tech. Everything is well designed and flows together amazingly.

The suite even has a nice storage closet.

The amenity kit was from Lalique and came with a candle (don’t light on board though).

Singapore Airlines First Class Candle. Photo: Jayson Deck

The PJ’s are also Lalique and ultra comfy.

I absolutely loved the noise cancelling headphones from Bang & Olufsen. They were the best headphones I have ever used and very helpful, as the plane was surprisingly loud.

Singapore Airlines First Class Headphones. Photo: Jayson Deck

The button push windows are a fun touch and let you get the light just right. Well, except for my pictures, unfortunately.

The closeable door really gives the suite some great privacy. It’s incredibly spacious too. In fact, I believe it’s the most spacious seat in the sky, even more so than the Etihad First Class Apartment that I flew last summer.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suite. Photo: Jayson Deck

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The bed

It’s pretty amazing to have both a chair and a bed. The only other time I experienced this was in the Etihad First Class Apartment. I was able to go back and forth from relaxing in bed and in the chair before I was ready to get some sleep.

Singapore Airlines First Class Bed. Photo: Jayson Deck

The bed is very comfortable and has some amazing pillows. I’m 5’11 I was able to lay out fully without having my feet or head touch the walls, with quite a bit to spare.

The restroom

This was by far the largest restroom on a plane I have ever seen. While the restroom is missing a shower, which is a bit disappointing, it’s simply spectacular and even has a separate seating area for makeup or grooming.

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Bathroom. Photo: Jayson Deck

The service

While the hard product itself could be the star of the show, it wouldn’t be the same experience without the incredible soft product. In several premium flight experiences with Singapore Airlines, they always seem to have some of the best in the business on staff.

The crew is always super friendly, very attentive and make sure you have everything you could ever imagine and more. They call you by name, even when the lights are out, and are checking up on you to make sure you have everything you need for the whole flight.

The food

The food, the drinks, oh my. Singapore Airlines is famous in the high end flight market for the ‘book the chef’ option when ordering food. You have the option of the in-flight menu, specialty menus (for special diets) or the ‘book the chef’ with an epic menu.

I chose Cognac Flambeed Lobster Thermidor. Yes, lobster, on a plane, OMG. I did not regret it. The rice it was served with didn’t deserve to be on the plate with such greatness.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food. Photo: Jayson Deck

I also booked the chef for breakfast, choosing Swiss rosti with smoked salmon and fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and a fantastic Greek yogurt and muesli combo. I ate way more than I needed, it was just too good to stop.

As one of the biggest fans of coffee known to man, I had a few cups of premium coffee with coconut milk. Of course the coffee was delicious as well.

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There were more snacks such as satay, salad, bread, chocolate’s and more things than I can count coming out every 5-10 minutes. It was almost too much… almost.

The drinks

Dining onboard Singapore Airlines First Class. Photo: Jayson Deck

Upon arrival, I was offered Dom Perignon or Cava. I was drinking Cava at a wedding in Portugal the weekend before, so I chose Dom. They even suggested I take a cheesy pic, so I obliged.
I tried a couple of the red wines, a Port and a French Burgundy. There were only three red wines on the menu, which was a little surprising. Conversely, there were five white wines to choose from. There was a large premium cocktail menu with, of course, their take on a Singapore Sling.

All in all, this flight was the best flight I’ve ever done, ever. The Suite, the service, the bathroom, the food and drinks all made for an unforgettable experience. In the next article, I will walk through how I booked this flight with a cash price of $12,500 using points and only $36 in cash.

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