Singapore Airlines & ANA Sign Joint Venture Agreement – What This Means For You

All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines announced a new joint venture deal earlier today which will see both carriers working together to improve connectivity between their networks.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777
Singapore Airlines has signed a new joint venture agreement with All Nippon Airways. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Earlier today, Singapore’s flag carrier announced a new joint venture agreement with All Nippon Airways which will deepen their existing partnership. While the deal hasn’t yet received regulatory approval, once confirmed it will provide a more seamless travel experience for passengers.

As reported by Flight Global, the new joint venture agreement will focus on services outside of the Japan and Singapore home markets. The changes should instead affect ‘key markets’ in the wider Asian region, such as Australia, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In a press release published today, All Nippon Airways CEO and President, Yuji Hirako, said:

“We have worked closely with Singapore Airlines for many years and we are excited to take this partnership one step further. The joint venture will help ANA and Singapore Airlines build upon their reputation for superior service, further differentiating both airlines from the competition.”

The existing partnership between the two airlines

Today’s new joint venture deal isn’t the first cooperative deal signed by All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Both airlines are Star Alliance members and also have an existing codeshare agreement in place. The existing deal focuses on connecting flights, codeshare flights, lounge access and baggage connections on main routes.

All Nippon Airways
All Nippon Airways is Japan’s largest airline. Photo: Masakatsu Ukon via Wikimedia Commons

The new joint venture agreement

It looks like today’s new agreement will focus mainly on passenger perks and in flight-services. One of the main benefits for anyone who frequently flies on both airlines will be the closer coordination of frequent flyer programs.

Additionally, the airlines say that their new joint venture will offer a greater range of joint fare products. For any business travelers out there, the wider range of available routes and the alignment of both airlines’ corporate programs will be a big positive.

The airlines are hoping to differentiate themselves from their regional competition, and focusing on offering a better business experience seems like a good way to go about it.

Cooperation between other airlines in the Asian market

As the biggest airlines in Japan and Singapore, All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines are in a good position to offer comprehensive access to their own parts of Asia.

But they have some tough competition in the region. Other airlines have been looking to differentiate themselves from the competition in their own ways.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
Singapore Airlines and All Nippon Airways have a number of pre-existing codeshare agreements with other Asian airlines. Photo: Kentaro Iemoto via Wikimedia Commons

Both airlines have their own separate agreements with other airlines in the region. Air India, EVA Air and Shenzhen Airlines all have pre-existing codeshare agreements with both All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines.

In a move directly targeted at All Nippon Airways, Hawaiian Airlines reached out to Japan Airline seeking a joint venture back in September.

Meanwhile, earlier last year, Cathay Pacific decided to extend its long-standing joint venture agreement with Air New Zealand which has provided it access to one of the peripheral destinations in the region. The two airlines will now continue to work together under the joint venture until 2024.