Flight Review: Business Class On Singapore Airlines’ Stunning Airbus A350


When you have to get from Germany to Singapore in a flash, there are few better ways than riding in Singapore’s A350 business class!

Sitting on board the Singapore A350! Photo: Simple Flying

You can check out a video review here:


Once checked in for the flight, I was able to whizz past security and the boarding gate with my priority pass. The security took a moment to register my ticket and at first sent me to the wrong queue. It did feel a bit snobby to have to correct the staff but it also saved me 20 minutes of lining up.

Boarding was simple and I was welcomed onboard with some directions to my seat (a shame the staff didn’t take you to your seat like on other carriers like LATAM).

The seat

The seat is compact with 60 inches of pitch and 72 in bed mode, which we will get to later. It is very cozy and felt very private, despite not having suite doors, although I could see a neighbors screen clearly.

The seat as presented when you board. Photo: Simple Flying
Leg room when in seat mode. Photo: Simple Flying
Legroom in bed mode. Photo: Simple Flying

The seat offered storage options galore, with (deep breath):

  • Side mirror
  • Drink stand
  • Headphones pocket
  • Water bottle storage
  • Phone tray
  • Armrest
  • Shoe well
  • Coat hook
  • Headphone hook

The seat also features 12 lights strategically placed around for different configurations and modes (such as sleeping and reading).

The tray table slides vertically out of the right armrest and was rather fiddly at first, but was quite big and flexible (it had a horizontal axel that allows it to slide around and be brought close in). However, it was not as solid as some of the other tables on the market (like the rockhard Hi-Fly A330neo tray table) and every time I typed the table rose up and down.


A bit of a critism is that my seat seemed to have been through some damage. The headphones pocket lid wouldn’t close, and my left armrest padding was coming off at the seams.

Plenty of buttons to play with. Photo: Simple Flying


The bed actually is stored in the backrest and folds out. It is for this reason that the seat does not have a massage functionality. I found it confusing to unfold the seat but fortunately, a passing cabin crew member was able to help me in the darkened cabin. The bedding was fine.

The bed is actually very cozy at night. Photo: Simple Flying

The only problem with the seat was in fact how small the area is for your feet. Unless you have a bulkhead seat your legs are squashed and you are forced to lie sideways which was not very comfortable.


Entertainment and extras

Singapore actually had quite a good entertainment selection onboard. There was an entire series of HBO shows, movies that came out a month or two ago and plenty of classic hits that I hadn’t had time to see. Watching these films on the massive screen was amazing, catching plenty of details that would be easily lost on the standard economy screen.

The screen was massive. Photo: Simple Flying

Complimentary WiFi was also available for business passengers, up to 100MB usage throughout the flight (and that limit is shared across all devices). The internet speed was only 2.5mbs download and 0.10 upload, but it was enough to carry a WhatsApp text conversation… when it worked. Despite being over land the entire journey, the internet was spotty and only worked in certain regions. Apps like Instagram took 3-4 minutes to load a photo and video streaming was out of the question.

The speed test of the WIFI onboard. Photo: Simple Flying

Once that 100MB limit is used up, passengers can pay to have more for the flight.

The prices of WIFI onboard. Photo: Simple Flying


Singapore Airlines has a reputation for excellent food onboard their aircraft and I was excited to enjoy the full range.

Dinner was served after takeoff and consisted of three courses; a pate dish with bread, the main meal (the lamb course, designed by a celebrity chef for this flight, was excellent) and a dessert (they would only let me have one).

Dinner is served. Photo: Simple Flying

During the night flight, a range of snacks were offered. I took the chance to try a ham and cheese sandwich (after experiencing both the worst ham and separately the worst cheese sandwiches on my previous two flights). Needless to say, it was excellent and the offer to be heated up (and melt the cheese) did not go to waste.

Midnight snack. Photo: Simple Flying

Breakfast consisted of three courses, a fruit platter with freshly baked goods (although the croissant was soggy), a cereal (the bircher was incredible) followed by the main meal. I chose the egg souffle which was disappointing and I regret not trying the French toast. This was washed down with another tea.

I was disappointed with breakfast. Photo: Simple Flying

However, upon asking to try another meal selection I was told that it would have to be after the rest of the cabin had been served, and they would come back to me. This did not occur for either dinner or breakfast which was a bit disappointing.

Speaking of alternative choices, Singapore does offer ‘Book The Cook’ option for many of its flights but not from Dusseldorf. I only had the three selections available in the menu.

Their drink menu is extensive, but the staff never encouraged us to try it. When offering tea or coffee they ignored the range offered in the menu and just served English breakfast or an espresso.

Photo: Simple Flying
Photo: Simple Flying
Photo: Simple Flying
Photo: Simple Flying

Overall Impressions

At every step of the way the Singapore crew took much care and delivered an excellent service. They remembered my name when serving me and offered me a tea in the middle of the sleepless night. The staff’s talent is only let down by odd design choices that Singapore made when designing this new business class, like the footwell and

The bottom line, would I fly Singapores A350 again? For sure.

Would I say its the best business class you can fly today? Not yet.

Have you flown on the Singapore A350? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.