Singapore Airlines Expands Global Flight Suspensions

Singapore Airlines has cancelled hundreds of flights as demand declines due to the coronavirus outbreak. The cuts, which cover both Singapore Airlines and SilkAir services, extend across Asia and the furthest reaches of Singapore Airlines’ network.

Singapore Airlines has canceled hundreds of flights over the next three months. Photo: Singapore Airlines.

As noted in Economy Class And Beyond, the cancellations are across certain dates on certain routes. There are too many to cover in this article and you can see the full list here. But here is a region by region summary.

North America cancellations

In the firing line are flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York. The popular SQ35/36 Singapore – Los Angeles – Singapore has multiple cancellations between now and the end of May. SQ1/2 and SQ33/34, all of which operate on the Singapore – San Francisco – Singapore route also have multiple cancellations between now and the end of May.

The Singapore Airlines flights between Hong Kong and San Francisco are temporarily suspended. SQ27/28 which operates the Singapore – Seattle – Singapore route has three cancellations each way in May. Finally, SQ25/26 which operates to New York and back via Frankfurt has a single cancellation each way in May.

Cancellations to Europe

There are widespread cancellations on most of Singapore Airlines‘ routes into Europe between now and the end of May 2020.

You will see the most cancellations on SQ318/321 that operates Singapore – London – Singapore. This service has over 20 flights canceled in each direction. Other routes that are seeing a significant number of canceled services are SA325/326 Singapore – Frankfurt – Singapore, SQ355/356 Singapore – Milan – Singapore, and SQ391/392 Singapore – Istanbul – Singapore.

London will bear the brunt of Singapore Airlines’ European cancellations. Photo: Singapore Airlines.

Most of Singapore Airlines‘ other European routes are seeing between three and ten cancellations in each direction over the March-May period. The least impacted is Q345/346 Singapore – Zurich – Singapore with just a single cancellation in each direction. SQ327/328 Singapore – Munich – Singapore has just two cancellations in either direction.

Cancellations into South Asia

There are a lot of cancelled Singapore Airlines services into India, The Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

By virtue of having the most services, India is the hardest hit in the region. There are cancellations to all of Singapore Airlines’ Indian destinations. These include multiple cancellations in each direction on SQ530/531 operating Singapore – Cochin – Singapore. Services to Ahmedabad did slightly better. There is just a single cancellation in each direction on SQ530/531 operating Singapore – Ahmedabad – Singapore.

Flights to Male and Columbo are also heavily impacted.

Cancellations into Dubai and South Africa

Singapore Airlines is cancelling 15 services in each direction on its SQ494/495 Singapore – Dubai – Singapore between now and the end of May.

The SQ478/479 service to Capetown via Johannesburg is canceled just once on 20 May 2020. However, SQ481/482 Singapore – Johannesburg – Singapore has 11 cancellations in each direction between now and the end of May.

Cancellations in Oceania

Oceania has been a very big market for Singapore Airlines. They operate a lot of flights into the area. For example, the airline usually flies five times a day into Perth.

But Singapore Airlines has taken the axe to its Oceania services. All routes are affected. Some routes, like the SilkAir operated MI813/814 Singapore – Cairns – Singapore are only having a handful of cancellations. But most routes are seeing a significant number of cuts.

Singapore Airlines’ cancellations in Oceania are extensive, with Perth suffering the most. Photo: Singapore Airlines.

Across the various flights, there are 19 cancellations in each direction on the Singapore – Melbourne -Singapore route, with SQ207/208 bearing the brunt.

The worst impacted is the Singapore – Perth – Singapore route with over 120 flights canceled in each direction between now and the end of May 2020.

Services to Auckland appear unscathed. There are a handful of cancellations on the Singapore – Melbourne – Wellington – Melbourne – Singapore and Singapore – Christchurch – Singapore routes.

Cancellations into Asia

If you thought that might be the end of the cancellations, you should wade through Singapore Airlines’ cancellations throughout Asia. There are too many across too many routes to effectively canvas. Suffice to say, there are a lot.

As you would expect, China bears the brunt of the cancellations with most forward cancellations simply an extension of the status quo. But services across North Asia, into Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taipei are drastically cut back until the end of May.

The cancellations in South East Asia are also extensive but are more date-specific rather than sweeping route suspensions. They range from a single service being trimmed on a specific SilkAir service operating Singapore – Denpasar – Singapore to SQ950/951 Singapore – Jakarta – Singapore losing over 30 services in each direction between now and the end of May.


Singapore Airlines isn’t the only airline making big cuts to its schedules. You might say it is getting off relatively lightly compared to the mainland Chinese carriers and Cathay Pacific. But the fact that airlines like Singapore are cutting capacity for the next three months suggests they see no immediate relief on the horizon.

Singapore Airlines says the “situation” is extremely fluid and suggests more changes are in the pipeline unless things improve.