For Sale: Your Chance To Buy Singapore Airlines Business Seats

Most of us are familiar with the term’ seat sale’ – a phrase that is most associated with an airline selling cheap airfare on a given flight or route. Singapore Airlines, through its KrisShop online store, is having its own seat sale, but in a much more literal sense. The carrier’s old business class seats are available for purchase for just over $4,400. Let’s take a look at what you could get.

Airbus A380, Busiest Airports, 2022
With Singapore Airlines refurbishing its A380 cabins with new seats, the carrier is selling off some of its old equipment. Photo: Getty Images

Introduced in 2006

According to the KrisShop website, these Singapore Airlines business class seats were introduced into the airline’s fleet back in 2006. Having won awards for comfort, the carrier notes that “fresh life is breathed into the spacious yet luxurious recliner chair upholstered with new leather.” The description goes on, saying:

“More than just a lounging chair, the Towkay Chair will be the centre of attention wherever you place it, and definitely a conversation starter.”

The highlight of the chair is its custom bone inlay crafting. The KrisShop site notes that this is a process of inlaying that begins with a design or pattern carved out either mother of pearl or cruelty-free black water buffalo bones (collected from buffalos that died of natural causes.) The airline is careful to note that the bones are “thoroughly washed before they are carefully hand-cut and laid piece by piece on furniture.”

Singapore A380 business class seat old
There’s no mention of the chair’s buttons and other electronic components working. Photo: Singapore Airlines
Singapore A380 business class seat old
A small plaque detailing the seat’s aircraft and registration is attached. In the case of the seat pictured here, it belonged to an Airbus A380. Photo: Singapore Airlines

The technical specifications

The website notes the following dimensions for each seat:

  • Length: 135cm
  • Width: 109cm
  • Height: 140cm

The cost is $6,000 Singaporean, equivalent to just over US$4,400. Or, for those who have racked up a mountain of frequent flyer miles, the seat is available for 750,000 miles. You’d have to assume if someone has that many miles to their name, they’ve probably spent dozens if not hundreds of hours in these seats as air passengers!

Unfortunately, it looks like delivery is only available to Singaporean addresses. So for international buyers out there who have an interest in securing a seat before they’re gone, now might be a good time to reconnect with that friend you have in Singapore!

Singapore A380 business class seat old
The chair is unfortunately only deliverable to Singaporean addresses. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ new cabins

For the last few years, Singapore Airlines has been hard at work refurbishing the cabins of its Airbus A380s. From first all the way through to economy, every class received updated and refreshed seating.

As noted in a December article, changes to the airline’s business and first class suites are the highlight of the A380 refurbishments. Both classes offer handstitched full-grain leather seating by Poltrona Frau.

Business class seats recline into a lie-flat bed and are semi-enclosed by “sculpted wings” that offer support while lounging. Seats in the center offer personal dividers that span the entire length of the chair, offering a better sense of privacy. For couples traveling together, however, the wall can be lowered completely to create two fully flat beds side-by-side.

Singapore A380 cabin
Singapore Airlines has been updating its A380 cabins. Pictured here is the new product. Photo: Singapore Airlines

The old seats are by no means a “steal of a deal.” However, for aviation enthusiasts and business travelers who may have formed a special bond with Singapore Airlines’ old premium products, now’s your chance to grab a piece of airline history.

What do you think of the sale? And what do you think of the price? Let us know by leaving a comment.