Singapore Airlines To Launch A350 Flights To Seattle In 2019

Just a week after we wrote about the rumours of Singapore Airlines launching a route to Seattle, we are pleased to write a follow-up. Singapore Airlines has, today, confirmed the new route. While it won’t launch until September 2019, tickets should be available from next week. The new route will see Singapore Airlines flying an A350-900 to Seattle three times a week, which will eventually increase to four times per week. This will be Singapore Airlines’ 5th route to the US.

Regular A350-900

As we recently predicted, Singapore Airlines will be using their regular A350-900 aircraft on the route. It would be fairly impractical to use the A350-900ULR on the route, as it is within the range of the standard model. As such Singapore can offer 42 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy Class and 187 Economy Class seats. This is in contrast to the ultra long range model which only has Premium Economy and Business Class seats.

Singapore Airlines is going to use the standard A350-900 on the Singapore to Seattle route. Photo: Singapore Airlines

The flights will be numbered SQ27 and SQ28. SQ28 will depart from Singapore at 0905 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Due to the changing time zones, the flight will land in Seattle at the same time it takes off from Singapore, 0905. For the return, SQ27 will leave Seattle at 1040 on the same days of the week. this return flight is scheduled to touch down at 1730 the following day. This schedule leaves around 1 hour 30 minutes to turn around the aircraft.

Important US Market

Singapore Airlines CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong, told a press release the following: “Our new non-stop flights to Seattle are another demonstration of our commitment to expand our operations in the important US market and grow our network reach. The new services will also further strengthen the Singapore hub by providing customers faster and more convenient connectivity from key markets such as Southeast Asia, South Asia and Australasia to North America”

Singapore Airlines Seattle
The route from Singapore to Seattle. Image: GCMap

Interestingly, Singapore Airlines makes no mention of their partnership with Alaska Airlines in their press release. Instead, they focus on how the route will complement their other US flights. Seattle is one of the main bases for partner Alaska Airlines. As such, Passengers will be able to access many more seamless connections across the US.

Tickets On Sale Thursday

Singapore Airlines confirmed that tickets for the new route would go on sale from Thursday 7th of November. As the flight is not scheduled to commence until 3rd September 2019, the airline will have plenty of time to sell seats. The route is still subject to regulatory approval. While it is unlikely the regulators would reject the request, it is certainly a small possibility.

Singapore Airlines has taken a totally different approach to market the flight, than that which Southwest Airlines is using on their Hawaii route. In contrast, Southwest is waiting until it has final approval to begin selling tickets, and flights will commence shortly after. Southwest’s Cheif Revenue Officer previously told us the following on anticipating launch dates: “No one will remember the day we started. They’ll remember if we started poorly… we want to do this properly and wait for the FAA to finish their process before we start ours.” Of course, Singapore Airlines has left the commencement of the route so far in the future, that it should be able to iron out any creases long before the launch date.

What do you think about Singapore’s new route to Seattle? Would you like to travel on it? Let us know in the comments down below!