Singapore Airlines A350ULR Flight From Singapore to New York Takes Flight

The worlds new longest flight is currently in the air travelling from Singapore to New York. The flight has been covered extensively by ourselves and other media outlets in the run-up to today, and its great to finally see Singapore Airlines deliver this flight which has obviously taken a great deal of planning. The route itself hasn’t seen flights for five years, although Singapore used to operate flights using the A340, which was very inefficient. Taking 19 hours, the flight is not a travel option to be taken lightly, however, experts predict flights of these lengths are the future of travel.

singapore to new york
As the crow flies, the flight from Singapore to Newark would travel roughly through the north pole. Image: GCMap

19 Hours Aboard An A350ULR

Flight SIA22 is scheduled to take around 19.5 hours, however, it appears as though the weather conditions are favourable today as despite departing 24 minutes behind schedule, the flight looks as though it will land at Newark Liberty International airport just 2 minutes late. While the grand circle distance travelled by the flight comes in at 15,345km, the actual distance travelled by will be slightly different.

Geoffrey Thomas, the chief editor of is onboard the flight. He told reporters: “When you’ve got some good strong jet streams going in an easterly direction, which is the way we’ll go, then we will fly over Japan, then over the North Pacific, possibly touching into Alaska, then down through Canada into Newark.”

No Economy Class

There were reportedly a few premium economy seats still up for grabs when the aircraft departed, however, all of the business class seats were allocated before the flight departed today. The aircraft used for the flight comes in a two-cabin configuration with business and premium economy offered. This is likely due to the long range of the aircraft.

Instead of the Great circle route that would take SQ22 over the pole, tonight’s flight is following a NOPAC route to…

Posted by on Thursday, 11 October 2018

In aviation, compromises are constantly made, meaning that for a longer range, something such as weight has to be sacrificed. The route is also being targeted at business travellers while aiming to connect the two business cities of Singapore and New York. According to Singapore Airlines‘ seat plan for the aircraft, each flight will cater for up to 67 business passengers in a 1-2-1 configuration, in addition to 94 premium passengers in a 2-4-2 configuration which tapers at the rear of the aircraft.

Business class passengers will be treated to two meals during the flight, with a choice of when they are served. In addition, they will have the luxury of lie-flat beds. Premium economy passengers will not get as much choice, with three meals being served at set times. All passengers regardless of travel class will receive refreshments during the flight. Interestingly, while the economy cabin is missing, the aircraft also lacks Singapore Airlines’ iconic suites.

Singapore airlines
Singapore airlines

If you want to travel on the world’s longest flight then you better start saving! Prices for a one-way journey on the flight start at £1634 for premium economy, while the cheapest business fares are available for £3,676. Let us know your thoughts on the world’s longest flight in the comments below!