Singapore Airlines Begins Offering Training For Businesses

Singapore Airlines is entering a new market this week: offering training to businesses. The new division is known as Singapore Airlines Academy and aims to create training programs for service and hospitality companies. The airline is well known for its world-class service, rated one of the world’s best, and now it is potentially giving it a new revenue stream.

Singapore Airlines Crew
A variety of programs and consulting options will be on offer for companies. Photo: Singapore Airlines

What’s on offer?

Companies will have the option to choose from set workshops or building their own consulting programs. Singapore Airlines Academy (SAA) divides its offerings into two main categories, Service Excellence Programs and Innovation and Digital Programs.

Under the Service Excellence category, organizations can choose different programs depending on their needs. For frontline or support staff, the airline offers day-long, 8-hour courses on effective communication, mindfulness, handling challenging customers, and more. Leadership teams can take advantage of programs focused on evaluating and developing service strategies.

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Singapore Airlines Begins Offering Training For Businesses
Courses are available for frontline staff and leadership teams alike. Photo: Getty Images

Innovation and Digital Programs focus on fostering key values and creating action plans that boost innovation within a company. The Academy also offers custom-made training programs which offer solutions to specific challenges or improvement a company wants to make.

The training itself is conducted virtually or in-person by a team of in-house experts from Singapore Airlines. The length of each program varies, but the airline also offers post-training reinforcement for long-term reviews.

Why Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines has long made itself known for its impeccable customer service onboard and on the ground. Until now, the airline kept the details of its rigorous training to itself, but 2020 has made it consider opening it up to others. In a statement to One Mile At A Time, SVP of Human Resources Vanessa Ng said,

SIA receives many requests from organisations wanting to know how we have attained our reputation for industry-leading service and operational excellence, and to better understand how we achieved our successful digital transformation…..The Singapore Airlines Academy is also a strategic move for the SIA Group, and has the potential to add a new source of revenue in the coming years.”

Singapore Airlines Begins Offering Training For Businesses
The demand for understanding Singapore Airlines’ exceptional service and the need to diversify revenue sources has made the academy a reality. Getty Images

However, it’s unknown (and probably unlikely) if Singapore Airlines will offer training courses to competing airlines, training their cabin crew. For now, the Academy looks limited to non-aviation companies hoping to improve their service or innovative products.

The airline’s tough year

As international flights remain largely grounded and with no domestic market to cater to, Singapore Airlines has struggled in 2020. Following its first annual loss in history, the airline has been looking to cut costs and add new revenue sources.

One such idea was the stationary A380 restaurant Singapore Airlines recently opened. The airline offers enthusiasts to dine onboard its A380 and enjoy all its amenities without ever taking off. The idea has been a huge success, with tickets selling out in under an hour and more dates planned.

Singapore A380 Restaurant getty
The A380 restaurant has proven extremely popular, with tickets selling out in 30 minutes for the first day. Photo: Getty Images

It is only logical that Singapore Airlines is leveraging its exceptional service record to create new revenue. The next few months will tell us if the airline finds success with this venture and if it will help stem some of the losses from this year.

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