Singapore Airlines Turned Down A Spot In ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Crazy Rich Asians is currently one of the most talked about films in the US right now. Set in Singapore, many have asked why Singapore Airlines doesn’t feature in the film.

Singapore airlines, who from October will operate the world’s longest flight, commenced operations in 1972. Now acting as Singapore’s flag carrier, the airline operates one of the most exclusive first class cabins in the world. Although the airline was the launch customer for the A380, it has already retired some of these aircraft to make way for newer A380s with improved offerings.

Singapore Suites

Singapore Airlines has a number of long haul aircraft where first class is replaced with suites. The suites offered by the airline are akin to travelling in a private room on a sleeper train. While they are sold as singe suites, joining ones can have their privacy screen removed to make a double suite. This is perfect for couples!

Travelling with a loved one? In our Double Suites, the centre divider between rooms makes way for a luxurious double bed. Your world just got bigger.

With en suite wardrobes, and spacious restrooms, Suites passengers can be refreshed and ready, even wearing a clean suit the second they step off of the plane. Accompanying this offer is fine dining in addition to a 32″ in flight entertainment screen.

Singapore Suite Map
Singapore Airlines A380s have 6 suites onboard.

Crazy Rich Asians Use Aircraft

Crazy Rich Asians is one of those films that pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is about a lady who travels to Singapore to attend a wedding with her rich boyfriend. The film is based on the book of the same name, which frequently mentions Singapore Airlines when people are flying. This is why many have asked why the film includes fictional “Pacific Asean Airlines” in Singapore’s place.

Singapore Suite
Couples can turn two Singapore suites into a double suite. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Crazy Rich Asians producer Brad Simpson told The Wrap “But they [Singapore] were not sure the movie would represent the airline and their customer in a good light. … they [want to] make you want to visit the country.” He went on to add “People didn’t have faith in this movie. They didn’t know what this movie was. It seems obvious now, but when we were making it, everyone thought it was a little movie and they were very suspicious about what we were trying to do.”

Missed Opportunity

Given the success of this movie it is clear that Singapore have missed a good opportunity. The film features first class suites during a New York to Singapore flight. This is exactly Singapore’s product. Having had product placement turned down by Singapore Airways, the producers were forced to create Pacific Asean Airlines. The fictional airline was created to mimic Singapore Airlines without infringing on their turf. A production designer went as far as telling The Points Guy “Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 was used as an inspirational archetype for the windows and square footage of our Pacific Asean first-class lounge area.”

Crazy Rich Asians is released in the UK on 14th September.