Singapore Airlines To Trial Dine On Demand For Business Passengers

Singapore Airlines has revealed its plans to offer an all new ‘dine on demand’ service. In an exclusive interview with Executive Traveller, the airline confirmed it will be launching a trial of the new service on select business class routes in early 2020.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350
Singapore Airlines will be refreshing its in-flight culinary offering. Photo: Marvin Mutz via Flickr

Singapore Airlines will begin a trial of a new dine on demand service early next year, according to reports by Executive Traveller. Singapore Airlines’ Global Food and Beverages Director, Antony McNeil, said,

“Singapore Airlines is always looking to evolve the meal service inflight, whether it be a flexible dining approach or a (full) dine on demand approach,”

Singapore Airlines is already known as one of the premier airlines for customer service, and its current in-flight food and beverages offering is no exception.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350
Singapore Airlines will begin a trial of its new dine on demand service early next year. Photo: Singapore Airlines

The airline’s ‘Book The Cook’ service is already very popular with flyers. The service allows passengers to select a meal from a menu curated by Singapore Airlines’ Culinary Panel at least 24 hours before a flight.

Singapore Airlines’ reputation for good food isn’t just limited to its First and Business Class seats either. The airline has been praised for the quality of its culinary offering in economy class too. Although, one passenger discovered the exception to that rule earlier this year, specifically in the form of a human tooth in his in-flight meal.

Singapore Airlines’ current culinary offering

In his interview with Executive Traveller, Antony McNeil hinted at the fact Singapore Airlines wants to explore ways to develop and evolve its current in-flight culinary offering.

Singapore Airlines’ business class seats are already known for being one of the best in the business. They certainly impressed our own contributor Noel Phillips on his flight from Singapore Changi to Los Angeles earlier this year.

One of the stars of Singapore Airlines’ in-flight menu is the lobster thermidor, which has been a mainstay since the ‘Book The Cook’ service arrived on the scene back in 1998.

Singapore Airlines' lobster thermidor
Singapore Airlines’ lobster thermidor is a fan favourite. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Unfortunately for fans of the lobster thermidor, there is a very real chance Singapore Airlines will choose to go ahead with plans to part ways with the dish in favour of a new, healthier lobster option.

Dine on demand

The dine on demand service proposed by Singapore Airlines specifically relates to serving meals on a schedule determined by each individual passenger. This would arguably require a lot more work from the cabin crew, as they would have to be on their toes ready to serve meals whenever required.

But it represents another step up for Singapore Airlines’ in-flight customer service. Currently, Qatar Airways’ on-demand dining offering is looked to as the shining example within the industry.

Demonstrating a similar level of responsiveness to customer needs would take Singapore Airlines’ already great culinary offering that one step further.

Referring to the increased staff workload, Antony McNeil said,

“We want to make sure that the crews are comfortable in every step of the process, that we have that we have [sic] their buy-in, and that our passengers receive the right level of service.”