Meet The Oldest Planes Flying For SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the US, with a fleet of over 500 aircraft. The carrier, however, operates regional jets on behalf of mainline airlines, including American, Delta, United, and Alaska. Here are the oldest aircraft flying for SkyWest.

The oldest regional jet flying for SkyWest is a CRJ-200 flying for United Express. Photo: Getty Images

The oldest jets are Bombardier CRJ-200s

The oldest aircraft, according to data from, is a Bombardier CRJ-200. Registered as N492SW, this jet is 23.5 years old. It had a long history flying for regional carriers in the US and has flown under Delta’s regional banner (Delta Connection), American’s (American Eagle), and now United’s (United Express).

N492SW in a previous livery flying under the American Eagle banner. Photo: Cory W. Watts via Flickr

Next up comes N629BR, which is a 22-year-old CRJ-200 that flies under the Delta Connection banner. This aircraft is currently stored in Tuscon and has not flown since April. As Delta evaluates its fleet needs, this aircraft could be one of the first to be retired from the regional arm, but it remains to be seen.

Next is N594SW, another 22-year-old CRJ200 that is in SkyWest’s livery, but flies on behalf of major US airlines. This specific jet has been flying United Express flights.

SkyWest CRJ200
An example of a CRJ200 in SkyWest livery. Photo: BriYYZ via Flickr

Number four goes to N779CA, also 22-years-old. This one flies on behalf of Delta and is in active commercial service. Delta Connection’s CRJ200s are outfitted with 50 seats all in coach, as are United Express’ CRJ200s. American Eagle does not fly any CRJ200s.

Next up are CRJ700s

A specific Bombardier CRJ700 is N707SK. While it has been stored in Tucson since the end of July, the aircraft was pretty busy operating under the American Eagle banner.

The next oldest CRJ700s are:

  • N611SK; 20 years old flying for American Eagle
  • N609SK; 18 years old that flies for Delta Connection, but is currently stored in Tucson
  • N613SK, 18 years old that flies for American Eagle
N611SK in a past life flying for Delta Connection. It is not uncommon for jets flying for regional airlines to bounce around from one banner to another as airlines need them. Photo: Pete Webber via Flickr

In the US, regional jets serve multiple purposes. While they primarily do fly to smaller, secondary cities, they also can be found flying between major business centers and hubs. For example, you can find a CRJ700 flying between Phoenix and Los Angeles on at least one daily flight.

The oldest CRJ900

The oldest CRJ900 is N800SK. This 14-year-old jet flies under the Delta Connection banner. Next up are:

  • N802SK; 14-years-old
  • N803SK; 14-years-old
  • N804SK; 14-years-old
  • N805SK; 14-years-old
  • N806SK; 14-years-old
  • N809SK; 14-years-old
Delta Connection
N800SK, the oldest CRJ-900 flying for SkyWest. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

All of SkyWest’s CRJ900s fly under the Delta Connection banner. Some of the jets mentioned above are currently stored.

The youngest jets are the Embraer E175s

In recent years, across the US, regional airlines have shifted away from CRJ jets in favor of Embraer aircraft. SkyWest is no exception. In fact, the airline has also made arrangements with major airlines to take on and fly more Embraer jets.

Fleet-wise, the ERJ-175s are an average of about 3.7 years old. This is much younger than the 10.0-year-old average of the CRJ900s, 14.8-year-old average for the CRJ700, and the 18.0-year-old average for the CRJ200s.

What is the oldest SkyWest jet you’ve flown on? What about regional jets in general? Let us know in the comments!