Some Flying Passengers Celebrated New Years Eve Twice – Here’s How…

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest and best celebrations of the calendar year,

But what if you could celebrate it twice?

Thanks to the black magic that is the international date line and flights over the pacific ocean, a few passengers did just that!

The Simple Flying guide to going back in time

Now we are slightly exaggerating, but when flights fly from Asia / Australia to the United States and the rest of the Americas, they do technically arrive before they left. This is because when flights fly over the international date line they are moving backwards to a different definition of local time.

Some Flying Passengers Celebrated New Years Eve Twice – Here’s How…
The international date line

But as a result of this, it is possible for aircraft to leave in 2019 and arrive in 2018, before major celebrations.

Examples such as:

New Years flights
Source: The Points Guy and Flight Aware

Taking off from Hong Kong at 12:18AM local time, this flight left just as the Victoria Harbor fireworks were wrapping up but landed before Hollywood celebrated the new year.

New Years flights
Source: The Points Guy and Flight Aware

Leaving Japan just after midnight, this flight made it to LA still in time to get the best spots for the festivities at 4:15 PM.

Source: The Points Guy and Flight Aware

Reaching out from the American territory of Guam, this United flight takes the cake for the best possible double party flight. Because the flight left at near 8 AM local time and arrived at just before 7 PM, it is entirely possible that these passengers partied for New Year’s twice in one year.

Plus, thanks to the fact that the international date line is not straight and extends up to +14 hours, it is totally possible for passengers to party till 4 AM in New Zealand and arrive with enough time to catch the next fireworks.

Or Sydney at 2 AM to Hawaii by 4 PM. Which one private jet service offered last year.

What other flights beat the clock?

For the small price of only $290,000, a charted Gulfstream G650ER will pick you and 12 friends up and whisk you away to Hawaii, 21 hours behind Sydney. The plane features a double bed and an onboard shower so you could freshen up before your second party. The company, PrivateFly, has also included an open bar on board, but as the flight is 10 hours long (and you were presumably partying in Sydney before you left) you would be rather intoxicated before you land.

“This is the ultimate way to see in 2018, in two of the world’s most glamorous locations. The flight time from Sydney to Honolulu in a Gulfstream G650ER is 9 hours and 40 minutes, so with the 21-hour time difference, you get to replay over 11 hours of party time, by flying eastwards. This unique flight experience is only possible by private jet, as the timings are so tight – and there are no airline schedules to fit the itinerary.” – Carol Cork, PrivateFly marketing manager

But for those who didn’t plan ahead, why not see the fireworks from your plane?

What do you think? Will you be doing this next year?