A Southwest Boeing 737 Collided With A Jet Bridge In Boston

Stormy weather throughout the night in Massachusetts caused an incident with Boeing 737 at Boston Logan International Airport. The harsh conditions forced the Southwest Airlines aircraft into a jet bridge. 

Southwest Airlines 737
A Southwest Boeing 737 was forced into a jet bridge by strong winds. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Harsh winds

Boston 25 News reports that the aircraft was sitting at a gate before being blown into the bridge by the storm. Thankfully, no passengers or workers were on the plane when the accident happened. Along with this, there were no members of airport staff on the bridge at the time. 

At the moment, it is unclear if there is any serious damage done to the 737. However, a spokesperson for the airline has informed Simple Flying that the aircraft has been taken out of service for maintenance inspection

Additionally, the spokesperson said that the wind blew part of a Delta Air Lines hangar’s membrane off. This hangar’s structure is made of steel but is covered by a flexible substance. Along with the airport’s materials, trees have also found themselves wrapped up in the storm. Despite blocking roadways, the trees were cleared by workers by the time the morning arrived.

Southwest 737
The extent of the damage to the 737 is yet to be determined. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Local damage

The weather is still causing problems for locals today, with thousands without power in Massachusetts. Many public services are also closed, including train networks and courthouses. Along with this, police across the region have received hundreds of emergency calls due to damage done by the storm.

These conditions have caused issues throughout the US this month. Harsh weather in the Midwest region spurred Delta to issue a series of travel waivers. These schemes help passengers booked on the airline’s flights be provided with alternative options when the weather puts them in tricky situations. 

This area usually receives some of the most severe implications of cold weather and initiatives such as Delta’s are valuable to help with unexpected situations.

Boston Logan Airport,
Boston Logan International Airport has seen its fair share of harsh weather over the years. Photo Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons

National incidents 

Earlier this year, extreme weather conditions across the US disrupted flights across the country. Throughout the southern states, 4,000 flights were either delayed or canceled in April because of the conditions. Sadly, the storms also claimed at least five lives in the region.

Last year, storm Diego caused 500,000 power outages and forced 1,400 flights to be grounded. North Carolina was highly affected but various surrounded states felt the wrath of the storm. 

Many more storms are on the horizon as we head into another winter. Airlines and airports will be preparing to handle the conditions that the weather will bring. A spokesperson for

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