Southwest Doesn’t See Need To Discount MAX Flights For Wary Travelers

The Boeing 737 MAX is expected to be cleared for operations this year, but many passengers will still be concerned about boarding the type. However, Southwest Airlines doesn’t have any plans to discount the price of flights that will be conducted on the aircraft.

Southwest 737 MAX
Southwest is one of the Boeing 737 MAX’s largest customers. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Executive decision

USA Today reports that the Dallas-based carrier held an earnings conference call on Thursday. During the call, Southwest President Tom Nealon shared that there is no notion of discounting Max flights.

“That’s not in our consideration set at this point,” Nealon said, as reported by USA Today.

Nealon understands that there there are segments that are not so comfortable setting foot on a MAX following the two fatal incidents that caused it to be grounded.

However, he stated that according to research, the majority of travelers plan to fly the aircraft just as they have before the grounding. The businessman even claimed that some fliers said they will board the plane even more now.

“The thought being, it’s actually going to be the safest plane out there with all the scrutiny.”

Southwest 737 MAX
The airline holds 34 of the grounded aircraft within its fleet. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Quick adaptations

Despite the well-publicized criticisms of the 737 MAX, Nealon feels that the general public is not so dismayed. Altogether, he feels that some customers may take a little longer than others to board the plane again. However, he believes that it up to a few months for these passengers to adapt.

“I think we’re going to see the customers come back pretty nicely,” he said.

“Some may take a little longer than others, maybe a month or two months, but they’re going to come back.”

Even if airlines don’t have any specific plans to discount MAX flights, the price may eventually fluctuate. If passengers are wary of boarding these services then there will be fewer tickets purchased. Therefore, firms may naturally lower ticket prices to help increase sales.

Southwest 737 MAX Aircraft
Southwest recently shared that it will share its 737 MAX compensation with its staff. Photo: Southwest Airlines

A helping hand

If airlines don’t plan to discount flights, initiatives to help concerned passengers may still need to be introduced. Last year, United Airlines shared that it won’t force customers to board the 737 MAX once it is back in action.

The carrier will notify its passengers if a flight will be served by the aircraft. Thereafter, customers can choose to rebook their flights at no extra cost. Ultimately, certain passengers will need a little support to get them trusting MAX services again.

Altogether, Southwest will be eager for the plane to be cleared for operations. It has already shared details of its plan to reintroduce it to its services, which shows that extensive checks will be made before the airline flies the aircraft again.

Simple Flying reached out to Southwest Airlines for comment on its stance but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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