Southwest Surprised Every Passenger On This Flight With A Nintendo Switch

Southwest Airlines is an airline known for some quirky inflight experiences. This summer, Southwest has partnered with Nintendo Switch to provide an unexpected experience in the sky. As part of their promotion, Southwest gave away free Nintendo Switch gaming systems with the opportunity to play Super Mario Maker 2.

Southwest Mario
Mario’s new game, Super Mario Maker 2, treated passengers to entertainment on a Southwest Airlines flight. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Flight 2246

Southwest Airlines flight 2246 seemed routine. However, after some gate festivities, passengers realized this flight was a little out of the ordinary. Southwest and Nintendo representatives passed out a giveaway pack including a Nintendo Switch system and a download code for the digital version of the Super Mario Maker 2 game. Fortunately, passengers could retain both items for their own personal pleasure.

Southwest Nintendo giveaway
Southwest Airlines and Nintendo representatives presented each passenger with a Nintendo Switch game pack. Photo: Southwest

The flight, Southwest Airlines flight 2246, flew from Dallas to San Diego. San Diego is currently hosting the 2019 Comic-Con International festival. Thus, this flight was the perfect choice to give passengers a one-of-a-kind inflight experience.


The entire flight was Nintendo and Super Mario Maker 2 themed. From boarding to takeoff to landing, passengers were treated to sights of Mario. Furthermore, the Southwest Airlines crew treated this flight with enthusiasm.

The fun continued onboard with a Nintendo and Mario-themed flight! Photo: Southwest

As you can see from the above image, Southwest doesn’t offer seatback entertainment on their aircraft. For younger travelers, this can lead to immense boredom on a flight of this length. No doubt, Southwest Airlines was able to bring some relief and a fun flight to several passengers.

Southwest playing Nintendo
A family engages with the Nintendo Switch system onboard Southwest Airlines. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Let’s Play Getaway

Southwest Airlines is also offering another promotion. From now until August 13, 2019, you can enter sweepstakes for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch prize pack. However, a lucky grand prize winner will receive a roundtrip ticket for themselves and three guests. In addition, the grand prize winner will receive four Nintendo Switch devices and download codes for Super Mario Maker 2.

Southwest Nintendo
A grand prize winner will receive roundtrip air tickets for themselves and up to three guests in addition to four Nintendo Switch systems and Super Mario Maker download codes. Photo: Southwest

For those who attend Comic-Con, there is another experience at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge. There, attendees can play the “Southwest Super Sky Challenge Super Mario Maker 2” course. In addition, they can enter in a sweepstakes to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card, a Nintendo Switch system, and a digital version of Super Mario Maker 2.


For passengers aboard this Boeing 737-700, it must have been one memorable flight. It is not a common occurrence for airlines to give away gaming consoles on a flight. However, for this flight, it made perfect sense. It is likely that a fair number of passengers were on their way to San Diego to attend Comic-Con.

Southwest Nintendo
Many passengers may have been en route to Comic-Con. Photo: Southwest Airlines

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