Southwest Restores Faith In Humanity With Pooh Bear Rescue

Following the barrage of negative stories we’ve recently reported, Southwest has created one that just might make everything better. The airline went above and beyond to rescue a lost Pooh bear in Las Vegas.

Southwest Airlines, Winnie the Pooh, Lost Teddy
Southwest went above and beyond when Winnie the Pooh got lost. Photos: Southwest Airlines

Items get lost all the time on aircraft. One example is the Kindle recently returned by British Airways. However, when a child’s special friend goes missing, a happy resolution is even more important. Southwest Airlines appears to have achieved this after a little girl lost her Winnie The Pooh onboard a flight bound for Las Vegas. Thankfully, just like the A. A. Milne books in which Pooh features, this story has a happy ending!

So what happened?

The unfortunate incident took place in Las Vegas. Rebbeca was on a trip to Las Vegas with her daughter when tragedy struck in the hotel. Although the room had been booked for two humans and a silly old bear, only the humans had turned up at check-in.

Rebecca then phoned the Southwest baggage office in Las Vegas, while simultaneously tweeting the airline, and alerted them to the missing bear. Thankfully the airline was determined to reunite Pooh Bear with Rebecca’s daughter.

What happened next?

When he became aware of the situation, Gareth, a Las Vegas Customer Service Manager, took it upon himself to help. He was able to locate the mischievous bear. However, another problem then arose. Rebecca and her daughter weren’t due to fly back through the airport until a few days later.

That turned out to be a non-issue as Gareth introduced Pooh to a couple of other bears who work at the airport. First, Pooh spent some time driving around the tarmac, learning how to direct aircraft.

However, this seemed to be quite an arduous task. As a result, Pooh moved onto something which requires less energy. He spent the afternoon with one of Southwest’s team of pilot bears. It seems that while in the care of Southwest, Pooh didn’t get up to quite as much trouble as when he traveled with British Airways:

A few days, and experiences, later, the silly old bear was reunited with Rebecca’s daughter when they returned to the airport, ready to fly home.

Commenting on the story, a Southwest Airlines representative told Simple Flying: “Southwest loves to connect you to what’s important in your life… We know sometimes the things we travel with are just as important as the things we travel for, and we are happy to connect you to both.”

Have you lost something special on a flight? Did the airline go above and beyond to get it back to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!