Spain Is About To Get A Ton Of Airbus A350 Domestic Flights – For A Limited Time

Evelop Airlines, a private airline charter company in Spain, is about to test drive their new A350-900.

The plane will be flown on several domestic routes for a few weeks, before being redeployed onto international routes.

What are the details?

Starting from late April to early May, Evelop Airlines will be operating the following routes to see how their A350 performed. As reported by Routes Online, here are the following destinations that are booked in.

Route Dates
Alicante – Barcelona 25 April 19 & 04 May 19
Santiago de Compostela – Seville 29 April 19
Santiago de Compostela – Valencia 29 April 19
Seville – Alicante 25 April 19 & 04 May 19
Seville – Barcelona 25 April 19 & 27 April 19, 03 May 19 & 06 May 19
Seville – Bilbao 28 April 19
Seville – Valencia 23 April 19 & 02 May 19
Valencia – Bilbao 28 April 19
Valencia – Malaga 23 April 19 & 02 May 19
Valencia – Santiago de Compostela 29 April 19

As you can see, many of these routes are actually on the same day. This is because they would at most only take at most two hours to fly and have the A350 turned around to fly again. Who needs a 797 when you have an A350 on the job!

It was also rumored back in 2018 that they would be flying the following international routes:

Madrid – Cancun 03MAY19 2 weekly
Madrid – Havana 01MAY19 2 weekly
Madrid – Punta Cana 04MAY19 2 weekly

But these seemed to have been dropped for now as they are no longer valid and contradict the latest release from the organization.

Evelop has yet to actually make the tickets available on their website (They have not even mentioned that they are about to start flying an A350 either), but you can be sure that they will have these a bargain price when they are finally released.

Evelop Airlines route map. Source: Evelop Airlines

If you are wondering who Evelop Airlines is exactly, then you are not the only one. They are what we would call a charter airline. They mainly operate specific routes for tour companies, flying travelers out for peak season at various locals, but can also operate a now and again commercial service.

They currently have a fleet of four aircraft servicing eight destinations with two A330-200s and two A330-300s. This new A350 will really compliment the aging fleet and make them a much more competitive carrier not only in the tourism sector but also in the commercial space.

Their new A350 actually has 10 ‘C’ Business class seats on board. What this will entire at the moment is sketchy at best, but we see no reason why Evelop could not install some lie-flat seats onboard.

At any rate, this testing period will allow passengers to become familiar with the aircraft, their pilots to get enough training and offer a bargain for any takers.

Will you be flying on the new Evelop Airlines A350? Let us know in the comments.